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Rock music, with its electrifying guitars and driving rhythms, has been a dominant force in popular music for decades. Rooted in the rebellious spirit of youth culture, rock music has evolved into a diverse and dynamic genre that continues to inspire and influence artists around the world. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate world of rock music, examining the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre.

I. Instruments in Rock Music:

  1. Guitar: The Iconic Instrument of Rock
    • The guitar is the iconic instrument of rock music, with its electric sound and expressive capabilities.
    • From the blistering solos of heavy metal to the jangly chords of indie rock, the guitar serves as the driving force behind many rock music compositions.
  2. Bass Guitar: Anchoring the Rhythm Section
    • The bass guitar plays a crucial role in anchoring the rhythm section of rock bands, providing a solid foundation for the music.
    • Whether it's laying down a steady groove or adding melodic flourishes, the bass guitar adds depth and dimension to rock music arrangements.
  3. Drums: Driving the Beat
    • The drums are the backbone of rock music, providing the driving beat and rhythmic energy that propels the music forward.
    • From thunderous fills to intricate patterns, the drums add intensity and power to rock music compositions.
  4. Keyboards: Adding Texture and Atmosphere
    • Keyboards are often used in rock music to add texture and atmosphere to the arrangement.
    • Whether it's the haunting sounds of a Hammond organ or the lush chords of a synthesizer, keyboards enhance the sonic landscape of rock music.
  5. Vocals: Expressing Emotion and Attitude
    • Vocals are a central element of rock music, with artists using their voices to express emotion, attitude, and rebellion.
    • From the soaring melodies of power ballads to the raw screams of punk rock, the vocals in rock music are as diverse and dynamic as the genre itself.

II. Keys and Tempos in Rock Music:

  1. Key Considerations
    • Rock music often explores a wide range of keys, with artists drawing inspiration from various musical traditions and genres.
    • Key changes are used strategically to evoke different moods and emotions throughout a song, with artists often experimenting with unconventional chord progressions and harmonies.
  2. The Tempo Factor
    • Tempos in rock music can vary widely, ranging from slow and brooding ballads to fast-paced and energetic anthems.
    • Popular tempos include around 60-80 beats per minute (bpm) for ballads and 120-160 bpm for more uptempo tracks.

III. Common Elements in Rock Music:

  1. Guitar Riffs and Solos
    • Guitar riffs and solos are iconic elements of rock music, with artists often using these techniques to create memorable hooks and melodies.
    • From the blues-inspired riffs of classic rock to the virtuosic solos of heavy metal, the guitar is a focal point of many rock music compositions.
  2. Dynamic Song Structure
    • Rock music often features dynamic song structures, with artists incorporating elements of tension and release to create engaging and immersive listening experiences.
    • From quiet verses to explosive choruses, rock music is known for its dramatic shifts in dynamics and intensity.
  3. Lyrical Themes and Storytelling
    • Lyrical themes and storytelling are central to rock music, with artists using their lyrics to explore themes of love, rebellion, and social commentary.
    • Whether it's the introspective introspections of folk rock or the defiant anthems of punk rock, the lyrics in rock music often serve as a reflection of the artist's worldview and experiences.
  4. Live Performance and Energy
    • Live performance and energy are essential aspects of rock music, with artists delivering electrifying performances that captivate audiences around the world.
    • Whether it's the explosive energy of a stadium rock concert or the intimate intensity of a club show, the live experience is an integral part of the rock music tradition.


In conclusion, rock music is a dynamic and enduring genre that continues to captivate audiences around the world with its electrifying guitars and driving rhythms. From the iconic sounds of classic rock to the innovative experiments of progressive rock, every element of rock music reflects the passion, creativity, and rebellion of its creators. By understanding the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre, aspiring artists and fans alike can gain a deeper appreciation for the music and its enduring legacy.

We have analyzed a large amount of Rock music Songs to give you an overview about key and tempo distributions in Rock music. At the bottom of the page, you can find all sub-genres of Rock music to get more details in specific sub-genres as the average tempo per genre.

Most used keys for Rock music

Most used fundamental keys for Rock music

Most used tempo/BPM for Rock music

List of Rock music subgenres with average tempo/bpm

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Subgenre Average Tempo
5th wave emo 126 bpm
aberdeen indie
acid rock 126 bpm
acoustic rock 119 bpm
action rock 127 bpm
adelaide indie 128 bpm
adelaide punk 123 bpm
african rock 121 bpm
alaska indie 120 bpm
albanian rock
albany ny indie 129 bpm
album rock 123 bpm
albuquerque indie 124 bpm
alternative dance 124 bpm
alternative emo 130 bpm
alternative pop rock 121 bpm
alternative rock 126 bpm
alternative roots rock 121 bpm
ambient guitar 103 bpm
ambient post-rock 113 bpm
american post-punk 131 bpm
american post-rock 116 bpm
american shoegaze 123 bpm
anadolu rock 123 bpm
anarcho-punk 131 bpm
anime rock 135 bpm
anthem emo 129 bpm
antideutsche 121 bpm
argentine alternative rock 123 bpm
argentine indie rock 136 bpm
argentine rock 124 bpm
arizona punk 127 bpm
armenian indie
art punk 129 bpm
art rock 122 bpm
asbury park indie 132 bpm
athens indie 126 bpm
atlanta indie 121 bpm
atmospheric post-rock 113 bpm
auckland indie 118 bpm
aussie emo 141 bpm
austin rock 130 bpm
australian alternative rock 125 bpm
australian indie rock 133 bpm
australian post-hardcore 132 bpm
australian post-rock 110 bpm
australian rock 123 bpm
australian rockabilly 117 bpm
australian shoegaze 81 bpm
australian ska 126 bpm
australian surf rock 126 bpm
austrian punk 131 bpm
austrian stoner rock 127 bpm
avant-prog 127 bpm
avant-rock 129 bpm
azeri alternative 124 bpm
bali indie 133 bpm
balkan post-punk 132 bpm
balkan punk 135 bpm
baltic post-punk
baltimore indie 125 bpm
bandung indie 124 bpm
bangalore indie 106 bpm
bangladeshi rock 99 bpm
bath indie 128 bpm
bay area indie 124 bpm
beat italiano 115 bpm
bedroom skramz 117 bpm
belarusian punk 160 bpm
belarusian rock 99 bpm
belfast indie 129 bpm
belgian indie 121 bpm
belgian indie rock 136 bpm
belgian new wave 132 bpm
belgian post-rock 96 bpm
belgian rock 123 bpm
belgian stoner rock 93 bpm
bemani 138 bpm
bern indie 116 bpm
birmingham indie 124 bpm
bisrock 105 bpm
black punk 126 bpm
blues rock 126 bpm
bogor indie 158 bpm
bolivian rock 126 bpm
bosstown sound 118 bpm
boston indie 121 bpm
boston punk 129 bpm
boston rock 125 bpm
brazilian emo 133 bpm
brazilian indie rock 139 bpm
brazilian lo-fi rock 70 bpm
brazilian post-rock 106 bpm
brazilian punk 132 bpm
brazilian punk rock
brazilian rock 125 bpm
brazilian rockabilly
brazilian stoner rock 131 bpm
brazilian surf rock
brighton indie 123 bpm
brisbane indie 116 bpm
brisbane punk 119 bpm
bristol indie 120 bpm
british alternative rock 130 bpm
british comedy 110 bpm
british indie rock 130 bpm
british industrial 112 bpm
british invasion 122 bpm
british math rock 121 bpm
british post-rock 117 bpm
britpop revival 134 bpm
brno indie 95 bpm
brooklyn indie 124 bpm
brutal prog
bubblegrunge 128 bpm
buffalo ny indie 115 bpm
bulgarian rock 140 bpm
c64 127 bpm
c86 131 bpm
calgary indie 126 bpm
cambodian rock 118 bpm
cambridgeshire indie 150 bpm
canadian garage rock 128 bpm
canadian indie 123 bpm
canadian indie rock
canadian post-hardcore 138 bpm
canadian post-punk 127 bpm
canadian post-rock 107 bpm
canadian psychedelic 112 bpm
canadian psychedelic rock 126 bpm
canadian punk 138 bpm
canadian rock 127 bpm
canadian rockabilly 100 bpm
canadian shoegaze 138 bpm
canadian stoner rock 145 bpm
canberra indie 140 bpm
canterbury scene 122 bpm
cardiff indie 120 bpm
cdo indie 116 bpm
celtic punk 135 bpm
celtic rock 127 bpm
chain punk 117 bpm
chaotic hardcore 124 bpm
chicago hardcore 134 bpm
chicago indie 118 bpm
chicago pop punk 117 bpm
chicago punk 135 bpm
chicano punk 124 bpm
chilean rock 121 bpm
chillwave 120 bpm
chinese indie rock 141 bpm
chinese post-punk
chinese post-rock 101 bpm
chinese punk
christchurch indie 120 bpm
christian alternative rock 130 bpm
christian hard rock 146 bpm
christian rock 129 bpm
cincinnati indie 125 bpm
cinematic post-rock 98 bpm
classic canadian rock 127 bpm
classic danish rock 128 bpm
classic finnish rock 125 bpm
classic garage rock 123 bpm
classic greek rock 124 bpm
classic hungarian rock 123 bpm
classic indonesian rock 127 bpm
classic j-rock 131 bpm
classic psychedelic rock 124 bpm
classic rock 119 bpm
classic russian rock 127 bpm
coldwave 127 bpm
colombian rock 125 bpm
comedy rock 126 bpm
connecticut indie 125 bpm
cork indie 114 bpm
cornwall indie 136 bpm
corrosion 134 bpm
cosmic post-rock 112 bpm
country rock 118 bpm
cowpunk 131 bpm
crank wave 123 bpm
croatian indie
croatian rock 130 bpm
crossover prog 121 bpm
crust punk 116 bpm
czech folk rock 100 bpm
czech pop rock 115 bpm
czech psychedelic
czech punk 128 bpm
czech rock 126 bpm
dallas indie 126 bpm
dance rock 125 bpm
dance-punk 129 bpm
danish alternative rock 125 bpm
danish electro 124 bpm
danish indie 113 bpm
danish pop rock 112 bpm
danish post-punk 137 bpm
danish punk 125 bpm
danish rock 109 bpm
danspunk 130 bpm
dark hardcore 145 bpm
dark post-punk 128 bpm
dark rock 128 bpm
dark wave 131 bpm
dayton indie 137 bpm
dc hardcore 140 bpm
dc indie 129 bpm
deathrock 135 bpm
deep active rock 126 bpm
deep christian rock 126 bpm
deep classic garage rock 104 bpm
deep german punk 132 bpm
deep gothic post-punk 132 bpm
deep indie rock 158 bpm
deep melodic hard rock 148 bpm
deep new wave 135 bpm
deep progressive rock 122 bpm
deep psychobilly 115 bpm
deep punk rock 146 bpm
deep soft rock 109 bpm
deep space rock
deep swedish rock 94 bpm
delaware indie 137 bpm
denton tx indie 125 bpm
denver indie 127 bpm
derby indie 126 bpm
detroit hardcore
detroit indie 127 bpm
detroit rock 131 bpm
deutschrock 132 bpm
devon indie 112 bpm
diy emo 122 bpm
diy pop punk 113 bpm
double drumming 130 bpm
dreamgaze 124 bpm
dreamo 130 bpm
dresden indie 122 bpm
drone rock
dub punk 111 bpm
dublin indie 128 bpm
dundee indie 117 bpm
dunedin sound 118 bpm
dusseldorf indie 120 bpm
dutch indie rock 138 bpm
dutch post-punk
dutch prog 123 bpm
dutch punk rock 113 bpm
dutch rock 124 bpm
dutch stoner rock 107 bpm
east anglia indie 123 bpm
easycore 137 bpm
ecuadorian alternative rock 119 bpm
edinburgh indie 146 bpm
egg punk 127 bpm
egyptian rock
electroclash 125 bpm
electrofox 122 bpm
electronic rock 125 bpm
electronicore 138 bpm
elephant 6 113 bpm
emo 134 bpm
emo punk 128 bpm
emocore 140 bpm
english indie rock 129 bpm
epunk 142 bpm
essex indie 119 bpm
estonian rock
ethereal wave 113 bpm
eugene indie 151 bpm
euskal rock 140 bpm
experimental 119 bpm
experimental indie rock 85 bpm
experimental rock 121 bpm
faroese rock 138 bpm
fast melodic punk 128 bpm
finnish alternative rock 124 bpm
finnish hard rock 131 bpm
finnish pop punk 163 bpm
finnish post-punk 168 bpm
finnish progressive rock 116 bpm
finnish psychedelic rock 131 bpm
finnish punk 112 bpm
finnish rockabilly 138 bpm
firenze indie 107 bpm
florida hardcore 108 bpm
flute rock 112 bpm
folk rock 123 bpm
folk rock italiano 122 bpm
fort wayne indie 121 bpm
frankfurt indie 175 bpm
freakbeat 124 bpm
french emo 103 bpm
french experimental rock 94 bpm
french garage rock 123 bpm
french post-punk 125 bpm
french post-rock 117 bpm
french punk 127 bpm
french rock 127 bpm
french rock-and-roll 94 bpm
french rockabilly
french stoner rock 133 bpm
funk rock 118 bpm
future rock 125 bpm
gainesville indie 133 bpm
galician rock 126 bpm
garage rock 127 bpm
gbvfi 120 bpm
geek rock 116 bpm
georgian rock
german alternative rock 132 bpm
german hard rock 128 bpm
german indie rock 121 bpm
german oi 133 bpm
german pop rock 123 bpm
german post-punk 124 bpm
german post-rock
german prog 130 bpm
german punk 129 bpm
german punk rock 137 bpm
german rock 127 bpm
german rockabilly 117 bpm
german stoner rock 104 bpm
german street punk 135 bpm
ghent indie
glam punk 140 bpm
glam rock 128 bpm
glasgow indie 123 bpm
gothabilly 122 bpm
gothenburg indie 119 bpm
gothic post-punk 137 bpm
gothic rock 126 bpm
grand rapids indie 128 bpm
graz indie 132 bpm
grebo 129 bpm
greek indie rock 132 bpm
greek psychedelic rock 154 bpm
greek punk
greek rock
grunge 122 bpm
grunge revival 141 bpm
grungegaze 116 bpm
guam indie 130 bpm
gymcore 128 bpm
halifax indie 116 bpm
hamburg indie 128 bpm
hamilton on indie 126 bpm
hard rock 125 bpm
hard stoner rock 128 bpm
hardcore punk espanol 121 bpm
hawaiian punk 128 bpm
heartland rock 126 bpm
heavy gothic rock 120 bpm
hindi indie 112 bpm
hong kong rock 122 bpm
honky tonk 111 bpm
horror punk 133 bpm
horror punk brasileiro
hull indie 163 bpm
hungarian indie 123 bpm
hungarian punk
hungarian rock 125 bpm
icelandic post-punk
icelandic punk
icelandic rock 125 bpm
idaho indie 115 bpm
idol rock 133 bpm
indian indie 117 bpm
indian instrumental rock
indian rock 148 bpm
indiana indie 127 bpm
indie asturiana 123 bpm
indie catracho 107 bpm
indie emo 114 bpm
indie garage rock 122 bpm
indie pop rock 113 bpm
indie psychedelic rock 116 bpm
indie punk 135 bpm
indie rock 123 bpm
indie rock italiano 125 bpm
indie rock peruano 119 bpm
indie rockism 120 bpm
indie shoegaze 121 bpm
indie surf 132 bpm
indonesian alternative rock 131 bpm
indonesian indie 122 bpm
indonesian indie rock 116 bpm
indonesian neo-psychedelia 171 bpm
indonesian pop rock 129 bpm
indonesian post-hardcore 98 bpm
indonesian psychedelia
indonesian punk 139 bpm
indonesian reggae 119 bpm
indonesian rock
indonesian shoegaze 91 bpm
indonesian ska 113 bpm
indorock 107 bpm
industrial 112 bpm
industrial rock 83 bpm
instrumental math rock 122 bpm
instrumental post-rock 112 bpm
instrumental rock 127 bpm
instrumental stoner rock 116 bpm
iowa indie 104 bpm
irish indie rock 135 bpm
irish post-punk
irish punk 138 bpm
irish rock 123 bpm
isle of wight indie 114 bpm
israeli punk 152 bpm
israeli rock 120 bpm
italian emo 123 bpm
italian gothic
italian modern prog 129 bpm
italian new wave 123 bpm
italian occult psychedelia
italian pop rock 112 bpm
italian post-punk
italian post-rock 103 bpm
italian progressive rock 123 bpm
italian punk 123 bpm
italian rockabilly 150 bpm
italian stoner rock 114 bpm
j-poprock 130 bpm
j-punk 135 bpm
j-rock 130 bpm
jangle rock
japanese alternative rock 129 bpm
japanese experimental 139 bpm
japanese garage rock 121 bpm
japanese girl punk
japanese indie rock 165 bpm
japanese math rock 132 bpm
japanese melodic punk
japanese post-punk 138 bpm
japanese post-rock
japanese prog 117 bpm
japanese psychedelic rock 133 bpm
japanese punk rock 149 bpm
japanoise 112 bpm
jazz rock 110 bpm
jesus movement 111 bpm
jordanian alternative
k-rock 129 bpm
kalmar indie 128 bpm
kannada indie 179 bpm
kansai indie 103 bpm
kc indie 119 bpm
kelowna bc indie 151 bpm
kent indie 126 bpm
kentucky indie 128 bpm
kentucky punk 121 bpm
kindie rock 120 bpm
kingston on indie 114 bpm
kiwi rock 122 bpm
knoxville indie 105 bpm
konsrock 128 bpm
korean indie rock 120 bpm
korean punk
korean shoegaze
kosovan indie
krautrock 125 bpm
kurdish rock 108 bpm
lampung indie
lancashire indie
lancaster pa indie 125 bpm
latin alternative 127 bpm
latin rock 132 bpm
latin surf rock 159 bpm
latvian rock 131 bpm
lawrence ks indie 123 bpm
leeds indie 128 bpm
leicester indie 111 bpm
levenslied 123 bpm
lexington ky indie 132 bpm
lincoln ne indie 110 bpm
lithuanian rock 123 bpm
little rock indie 143 bpm
liverpool indie 128 bpm
lo-fi 121 bpm
lo-fi emo 117 bpm
lo-fi indie 121 bpm
lombok indie 148 bpm
london indie 125 bpm
london on indie 111 bpm
long island punk 131 bpm
louisville indie 131 bpm
louisville underground 142 bpm
lovers rock 114 bpm
lund indie 106 bpm
luxembourgian indie 117 bpm
madchester 130 bpm
magyar mulatos 132 bpm
malang punk 91 bpm
malaysian punk
malmo indie 130 bpm
manchester indie 130 bpm
martial industrial 114 bpm
math rock 109 bpm
mathcore 123 bpm
mecha 153 bpm
medieval rock 132 bpm
melbourne indie 116 bpm
melbourne punk 130 bpm
mellow gold 119 bpm
melodic hard rock 129 bpm
merseybeat 122 bpm
mexican classic rock 121 bpm
mexican post-rock 120 bpm
mexican rock 135 bpm
miami indie 115 bpm
midwest emo 118 bpm
milwaukee indie 118 bpm
minimal wave 137 bpm
minneapolis indie 127 bpm
minneapolis punk 129 bpm
mod revival 150 bpm
modern alternative rock 122 bpm
modern blues rock 121 bpm
modern country rock 125 bpm
modern darkwave 118 bpm
modern downshift
modern folk rock 123 bpm
modern goth 141 bpm
modern hard rock 132 bpm
modern hardcore 139 bpm
modern j-rock 127 bpm
modern mod 103 bpm
modern progressive rock 129 bpm
modern rock 130 bpm
modern ska punk 131 bpm
modern southern rock 123 bpm
mongolian alternative 136 bpm
montana indie 127 bpm
moroccan rock
mumbai indie 133 bpm
munich indie 122 bpm
myanmar indie
nagaland indie 120 bpm
neo-industrial rock 115 bpm
neo-progressive 125 bpm
neo-rockabilly 126 bpm
neo-trad prog
nepali indie 124 bpm
nepali rock
neru 104 bpm
neue deutsche todeskunst 120 bpm
new brunswick indie 141 bpm
new england emo 148 bpm
new england hardcore 132 bpm
new hampshire indie 126 bpm
new jersey indie 120 bpm
new jersey punk 136 bpm
new orleans indie 124 bpm
new rave 112 bpm
new romantic 123 bpm
new wave 128 bpm
new wave of screamo 119 bpm
newcastle indie 123 bpm
nintendocore 137 bpm
no wave 135 bpm
noise punk 118 bpm
noise rock 128 bpm
noisecore 137 bpm
nordic post-rock
nordnorsk ponk 165 bpm
norman ok indie 93 bpm
norrbotten indie 127 bpm
north alabama indie 118 bpm
north carolina emo 126 bpm
north east england indie 117 bpm
northamptonshire indie 125 bpm
northern irish indie 134 bpm
norwegian alternative rock 124 bpm
norwegian folk rock 125 bpm
norwegian indie 119 bpm
norwegian prog 137 bpm
norwegian psychedelic 162 bpm
norwegian punk
norwegian punk rock 136 bpm
norwegian rock 128 bpm
nottingham indie 114 bpm
novelty 123 bpm
nu gaze 119 bpm
nwocr 136 bpm
nyc indie rock
nz alternative rock 115 bpm
nz indie 120 bpm
nz punk
oakland indie 115 bpm
ok indie 132 bpm
okc indie 138 bpm
olympia wa indie 141 bpm
omaha indie 115 bpm
one-person band 123 bpm
orgcore 126 bpm
orlando indie 111 bpm
ostrock 119 bpm
outsider 116 bpm
oxford indie 121 bpm
paisley underground 117 bpm
pakistani rock 105 bpm
palm desert scene 128 bpm
panamanian rock
paraguayan rock 117 bpm
parody 138 bpm
permanent wave 120 bpm
persian rock 105 bpm
perth indie 135 bpm
peruvian punk 119 bpm
peruvian rock 128 bpm
philly indie 115 bpm
phoenix indie 132 bpm
piano rock 123 bpm
pinoy alternative rock 124 bpm
pinoy indie rock
pinoy praise 142 bpm
pinoy rock 116 bpm
pinoy shoegaze 93 bpm
pittsburgh indie 146 bpm
pittsburgh indie rock 121 bpm
pittsburgh rock
pixie 134 bpm
polish alternative rock 126 bpm
polish hardcore 122 bpm
polish indie rock
polish post-punk 126 bpm
polish post-rock
polish prog 118 bpm
polish punk 129 bpm
polish rock 128 bpm
pontianak indie
pop emo 129 bpm
pop punk 131 bpm
pop rock 123 bpm
portland indie 117 bpm
portsmouth indie 131 bpm
portuguese hardcore 101 bpm
portuguese indie rock 124 bpm
portuguese post-rock
portuguese rock 120 bpm
post-hardcore 131 bpm
post-post-hardcore 131 bpm
post-punk 156 bpm
post-punk brasileiro 151 bpm
post-punk colombiano
post-punk latinoamericano 141 bpm
post-rock 118 bpm
post-screamo 130 bpm
power blues-rock 136 bpm
power electronics
power-pop punk 147 bpm
prague indie 133 bpm
prog quebec 88 bpm
progressive rock 127 bpm
protopunk 138 bpm
psychedelic blues-rock 119 bpm
psychedelic folk rock 119 bpm
psychedelic rock 117 bpm
psychedelic space rock 105 bpm
psychobilly 123 bpm
pub rock 120 bpm
puerto rican rock 121 bpm
punk 138 bpm
punk 'n' roll 143 bpm
punk chileno 141 bpm
punk cover 138 bpm
punk rock italiano 170 bpm
punk rock mexicano
punk ska
punk tuga 101 bpm
punta rock
quebec hardcore
quebec indie 124 bpm
queercore 137 bpm
raga rock 132 bpm
rap guarulhense
rap rock 119 bpm
rap toscana 131 bpm
reading indie 134 bpm
reggae rock 123 bpm
rhode island indie 143 bpm
rhythm rock 138 bpm
riot grrrl 134 bpm
rochester ny indie 153 bpm
rock abc paulista
rock alternatif francais 115 bpm
rock alternativo brasileiro 113 bpm
rock baiano 171 bpm
rock brasiliense
rock caipira
rock campineiro
rock curitibano
rock drums 122 bpm
rock gospel brasileiro 136 bpm
rock gotico 140 bpm
rock in opposition
rock independant francais 115 bpm
rock kapak 123 bpm
rock keyboard 127 bpm
rock mineiro 147 bpm
rock nacional 116 bpm
rock nacional brasileiro 125 bpm
rock nica
rock of gibraltar 121 bpm
rock paraibano
rock pernambucano
rock piauiense
rock potiguar
rock progresivo mexicano
rock progressif francais 137 bpm
rock quebecois 141 bpm
rock sergipano
rock sul-mato-grossense
rock viet 135 bpm
rock-and-roll 115 bpm
rockabilly 119 bpm
rogaland indie 96 bpm
romanian punk
romanian rock
rome indie 104 bpm
roots rock 131 bpm
rotterdam indie
russian alternative rock 130 bpm
russian emo 110 bpm
russian folk rock 143 bpm
russian indie 126 bpm
russian indie rock 126 bpm
russian post-punk 137 bpm
russian post-rock
russian punk 130 bpm
russian punk rock 123 bpm
russian rock 118 bpm
russian ska
rva indie 108 bpm
rwandan gospel 123 bpm
sacred steel 99 bpm
samba-rock 119 bpm
san antonio indie 113 bpm
sardinia indie 111 bpm
sasscore 116 bpm
scenecore 147 bpm
scottish hush 136 bpm
scottish indie 127 bpm
scottish indie rock 130 bpm
scottish new wave 118 bpm
scottish rock
seattle indie 126 bpm
seinen 125 bpm
serbian alternative rock 180 bpm
shanghai indie 95 bpm
sheffield indie 117 bpm
shoegaze 110 bpm
shoegaze argentino
ska 133 bpm
ska punk
ska revival 120 bpm
skate punk 117 bpm
slash punk
slc indie 71 bpm
sleaze rock 134 bpm
slovak indie
slovak punk
slovak rock
slovenian indie 125 bpm
slovenian rock
small room 118 bpm
soft rock 118 bpm
solo wave 123 bpm
song poem
south african rock 127 bpm
south borneo indie 124 bpm
southampton indie 144 bpm
southeast asian post-rock
southern china indie 99 bpm
southern rock 128 bpm
space rock 91 bpm
spacegrunge 132 bpm
spanish folk rock 109 bpm
spanish indie rock 137 bpm
spanish modern rock 137 bpm
spanish pop rock 117 bpm
spanish post-punk 152 bpm
spanish post-rock
spanish progressive rock 103 bpm
spanish psychedelic rock
spanish rock 132 bpm
spanish rockabilly 105 bpm
spanish shoegaze
spanish stoner rock
st petersburg fl indie 125 bpm
stl indie 130 bpm
stoner rock
street punk 148 bpm
stuttgart indie 141 bpm
sulawesi indie 170 bpm
suomi rock 125 bpm
supergroup 122 bpm
surabaya indie
surf music 134 bpm
surf punk 114 bpm
swamp rock 128 bpm
swansea indie 133 bpm
swedish alternative rock 127 bpm
swedish emo 164 bpm
swedish garage rock 137 bpm
swedish hard rock 134 bpm
swedish indie rock 129 bpm
swedish melodic rock 129 bpm
swedish pop punk 154 bpm
swedish post-punk
swedish prog 118 bpm
swedish psychedelic rock 130 bpm
swedish punk 121 bpm
swedish rock-and-roll 126 bpm
swedish rockabilly 129 bpm
swedish stoner rock 79 bpm
swiss alternative rock 118 bpm
swiss punk 129 bpm
swiss rock 113 bpm
swiss singer-songwriter 118 bpm
sydney indie 131 bpm
symphonic rock
synth prog 130 bpm
synth punk 142 bpm
tagalog worship 112 bpm
taiwan post-rock
taiwan punk
taiwan rock 129 bpm
tamil indie 110 bpm
tape club 130 bpm
telugu indie 118 bpm
telugu worship 130 bpm
texas pop punk 137 bpm
texas punk 146 bpm
thai folk rock 126 bpm
thai indie 127 bpm
thai indie rock 124 bpm
thai post-rock
thai psychedelic
thai punk
thai rock 155 bpm
thai shoegaze
toronto indie 121 bpm
traditional rockabilly 145 bpm
traditional ska 104 bpm
trallpunk 116 bpm
trash rock 123 bpm
triangle indie 97 bpm
trop rock 120 bpm
tucson indie 117 bpm
tulsa indie 131 bpm
turkish alternative rock 121 bpm
turkish post-punk 103 bpm
turkish punk 112 bpm
turkish rock 122 bpm
uk beatdown 128 bpm
uk diy punk 137 bpm
uk dub 163 bpm
uk noise rock
uk pop punk 128 bpm
uk post-hardcore 133 bpm
uk post-punk 135 bpm
uk post-punk revival 123 bpm
uk rockabilly
uk stoner rock
ukrainian alternative rock 115 bpm
ukrainian folk rock 108 bpm
ukrainian post-punk 148 bpm
ukrainian rock 121 bpm
umea indie 133 bpm
underground grunge 139 bpm
underground visual kei
uppsala indie 105 bpm
utah indie 126 bpm
vancouver indie 116 bpm
vancouver punk 157 bpm
varmland rock 115 bpm
vegas indie 124 bpm
venezuelan rock 126 bpm
victoria bc indie 128 bpm
vintage french psychedelic 133 bpm
vintage rockabilly
virginia punk 102 bpm
vocaloid rock 133 bpm
warrington indie
washington indie 115 bpm
welsh indie 129 bpm
welsh rock 128 bpm
west yorkshire indie 140 bpm
western mass indie 120 bpm
white noise 94 bpm
windsor on indie 112 bpm
worcester ma indie 119 bpm
wrock 117 bpm
wuhan indie 141 bpm
wyoming indie 159 bpm
yacht rock 117 bpm
ye ye 125 bpm
yogyakarta indie 122 bpm
york indie 176 bpm
yugoslav new wave 125 bpm
yugoslav rock 149 bpm
zolo 135 bpm