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Folk music, with its rich storytelling and heartfelt melodies, has been a source of inspiration and connection for generations. Rooted in the traditions and cultures of communities around the world, folk music encompasses a diverse array of styles and sounds, from traditional ballads and sea shanties to contemporary folk-rock and indie folk. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate world of folk music, examining the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre.

I. Instruments in Folk Music:

  1. Acoustic Guitar: The Backbone of Folk
    • The acoustic guitar is the backbone of folk music, providing the rhythmic foundation and melodic accompaniment for the songs.
    • From the fingerpicked patterns of traditional folk ballads to the strummed chords of contemporary folk-rock, the acoustic guitar is a versatile instrument that is central to the sound of folk music.
  2. Folk Instruments: Adding Texture and Flavor
    • A variety of traditional folk instruments are used in folk music to add texture and flavor to the arrangement.
    • From the haunting sounds of a fiddle or violin to the lively rhythms of a banjo or mandolin, these instruments evoke the cultural heritage and traditions of folk music.
  3. Harmonica and Accordion: Adding Character and Depth
    • The harmonica and accordion are often used in folk music to add character and depth to the arrangement.
    • Whether it's the soulful wails of a blues harmonica or the playful melodies of a polka accordion, these instruments enhance the sonic landscape of folk music and add a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to the music.
  4. Percussion: Keeping the Beat
    • Percussion instruments such as tambourines, shakers, and drums are used in folk music to keep the beat and add rhythmic energy to the songs.
    • From the steady thump of a bass drum to the lively jingle of a tambourine, percussion instruments contribute to the lively and infectious rhythms of folk music.
  5. Vocals: Telling Stories and Sharing Traditions
    • Vocals are a central element of folk music, with artists using their voices to tell stories, share traditions, and connect with audiences.
    • Whether it's the plaintive cries of a ballad or the rousing choruses of a protest song, the vocals in folk music are as diverse and expressive as the genre itself.

II. Keys and Tempos in Folk Music:

  1. Key Considerations
    • Folk music often explores a wide range of keys, drawing inspiration from various musical traditions and cultural influences.
    • Key changes are used strategically to evoke different emotions and moods throughout a song, with artists often experimenting with traditional chord progressions and harmonies.
  2. The Tempo Factor
    • Tempos in folk music can vary widely, ranging from slow and mournful ballads to lively and energetic dance tunes.
    • Popular tempos include around 60-90 beats per minute (bpm) for mid-tempo songs and 100-120 bpm for faster-paced tracks.

III. Common Elements in Folk Music:

  1. Storytelling and Narrative
    • Storytelling and narrative are central to folk music, with artists using their lyrics to preserve traditions, document history, and explore the human experience.
    • Whether it's the timeless tales of love and loss or the topical commentary of contemporary folk songs, the lyrics in folk music often serve as a reflection of the cultural values and social concerns of the time.
  2. Community and Tradition
    • Community and tradition are at the heart of folk music, with artists drawing inspiration from the cultural heritage and shared experiences of their communities.
    • Whether it's the communal sing-alongs of a folk festival or the intimate storytelling of a coffeehouse performance, folk music celebrates the spirit of collaboration and connection that binds us together.
  3. Melodic Simplicity and Catchy Refrains
    • Melodic simplicity and catchy refrains are common elements in folk music, with artists crafting memorable tunes that are easy to sing along to.
    • Whether it's the infectious chorus of a traditional folk song or the uplifting refrain of a modern folk-pop anthem, these elements add emotional depth and resonance to folk music compositions.
  4. Instrumental Traditions and Techniques
    • Instrumental traditions and techniques are integral parts of folk music, with artists often incorporating regional styles and techniques into their playing.
    • Whether it's the intricate fingerpicking of a blues guitarist or the driving rhythms of a Celtic fiddler, these instrumental traditions add depth and authenticity to folk music performances.


In conclusion, folk music is a rich and diverse genre that continues to resonate with audiences around the world with its heartfelt storytelling and timeless melodies. From the traditional sounds of the past to the innovative sounds of the present, every element of folk music reflects the spirit of community, tradition, and creativity that defines the genre. By understanding the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre, aspiring artists and fans alike can gain a deeper appreciation for the music and its enduring legacy.

We have analyzed a large amount of folk music Songs to give you an overview about key and tempo distributions in folk music. At the bottom of the page, you can find all sub-genres of folk music to get more details in specific sub-genres as the average tempo per genre.

Most used keys for Folk music

Most used fundamental keys for Folk music

Most used tempo/BPM for Folk music

List of Folk music subgenres with average tempo/bpm

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Subgenre Average Tempo
accordion 111 bpm
acoustic punk 121 bpm
adventista 124 bpm
afrikaans folk 117 bpm
ainu folk
alabama indie 122 bpm
alandsk musik 85 bpm
albanian alternative 116 bpm
albanian folk
algerian folk 110 bpm
alternative americana 121 bpm
ambient folk 113 bpm
american folk revival 116 bpm
american primitive 127 bpm
ann arbor indie 115 bpm
anthem worship 122 bpm
anti-folk 118 bpm
appalachian folk 121 bpm
appenzeller folk 157 bpm
arab folk 109 bpm
arabesk 123 bpm
armenian folk 106 bpm
asheville indie 119 bpm
austin americana 121 bpm
austindie 123 bpm
australian americana 116 bpm
australian indie folk 118 bpm
australian reggae fusion 125 bpm
australian singer-songwriter 119 bpm
autoharp 155 bpm
baglama 115 bpm
bahamian folk 113 bpm
baithak gana 105 bpm
balfolk 125 bpm
balkan brass 126 bpm
balochi folk
baltic folk 146 bpm
bardcore 124 bpm
basque folk 108 bpm
batak 122 bpm
baton rouge indie 125 bpm
beatlesque 122 bpm
belarusian indie 127 bpm
bengali folk
bernu dziesmas
bhojpuri folk 126 bpm
boston folk 119 bpm
breton folk 109 bpm
british folk 118 bpm
british singer-songwriter 119 bpm
bulgarian folk 129 bpm
bush ballad 128 bpm
canadian folk 121 bpm
canadian indie folk 110 bpm
canadian indigenous music 125 bpm
canadian singer-songwriter 117 bpm
canti alpini
canzone siciliane
cape breton folk 152 bpm
cape breton indie
cape verdean folk 97 bpm
carnaval limburg 119 bpm
catalan folk 126 bpm
caucasian folk
ceske chvaly
chamber folk 113 bpm
chamber psych 121 bpm
charlotte nc indie 120 bpm
charlottesville indie 113 bpm
chattanooga indie 122 bpm
children's folk 120 bpm
chinderlieder 117 bpm
chinese folk 119 bpm
christian indie 111 bpm
christian indie folk 117 bpm
christian uplift 121 bpm
circassian folk
clawhammer banjo 109 bpm
columbus ohio indie 114 bpm
contemporary folk 137 bpm
cornish folk 114 bpm
corridos clasicos 124 bpm
corsican folk 133 bpm
cosmic american 119 bpm
country quebecois 130 bpm
countrygaze 114 bpm
crack rock steady 121 bpm
croatian folk 104 bpm
cymraeg 130 bpm
czech folk 102 bpm
czech singer-songwriter 116 bpm
czech swing
danish folk
danish singer-songwriter 121 bpm
dansband 133 bpm
dansk lovsang
dansktop 108 bpm
dark cabaret 127 bpm
dark folk 117 bpm
deep german indie 131 bpm
deep indie singer-songwriter 114 bpm
deep neofolk 111 bpm
derry indie 101 bpm
dessin anime 123 bpm
dong-yo 139 bpm
drone folk 104 bpm
drone psych
duluth indie 121 bpm
dunedin indie 113 bpm
dutch americana 113 bpm
dutch folk 148 bpm
dutch indie 119 bpm
dutch singer-songwriter 115 bpm
early american folk 103 bpm
eau claire indie 125 bpm
ectofolk 119 bpm
edmonton indie 118 bpm
estonian folk
experimental folk 131 bpm
experimental indie 125 bpm
experimental psych 137 bpm
fantasy 118 bpm
faroese folk 127 bpm
faroese indie 114 bpm
fife and drum
finlandssvenska musik 126 bpm
finnish folk 140 bpm
flemish folk
folk 117 bpm
folk brasileiro 117 bpm
folk punk 126 bpm
folklore panameno
folklore surero 110 bpm
folktronica 112 bpm
freak folk 131 bpm
free folk 126 bpm
french folk 115 bpm
french indie folk 130 bpm
french psychedelic 125 bpm
galician folk 88 bpm
garage psych 109 bpm
garifuna folk 110 bpm
geek folk 117 bpm
georgian folk 122 bpm
german indie 125 bpm
german indie folk 124 bpm
german shoegaze 141 bpm
greek folk
guitar case 96 bpm
gypsy fusion 131 bpm
gypsy punk 142 bpm
hampton roads indie 120 bpm
heligonka 121 bpm
himalayan folk
hindi worship 109 bpm
houston indie 128 bpm
hungarian folk 122 bpm
hurdy-gurdy 119 bpm
icelandic folk 117 bpm
indian folk 119 bpm
indian singer-songwriter 104 bpm
indie anthem-folk 117 bpm
indie folk 119 bpm
indie folk argentino 114 bpm
indie folk italiano 126 bpm
indie siciliano 127 bpm
indie singer-songwriter 123 bpm
indie viet 120 bpm
indiecoustica 109 bpm
indonesian folk 115 bpm
indy indie 123 bpm
instrumental lullaby 102 bpm
irish banjo
irish experimental
irish folk 117 bpm
irish gaelic folk 100 bpm
irish indie 121 bpm
irish singer-songwriter 117 bpm
israeli folk 109 bpm
italian folk 117 bpm
izvorna muzika
jamaican ska 115 bpm
japanese folk 119 bpm
japanese indie folk 96 bpm
japanese psychedelic 94 bpm
karelian folk
kazakh indie 132 bpm
kentucky mountain folk
kentucky roots 120 bpm
kleinkunst 114 bpm
kolsche karneval 134 bpm
korean indie folk 115 bpm
korean minyo
kosovan folk
kurdish folk 119 bpm
lafayette indie
lai hla 141 bpm
landler 122 bpm
latvian folk
liedermacher 119 bpm
lilith 119 bpm
lo star 133 bpm
lok dohori
macedonian folk
magyar musicalek 156 bpm
maine indie 132 bpm
malagasy folk 87 bpm
malawian folk 115 bpm
manitoba indie 124 bpm
marcha funebre
medieval folk 119 bpm
medimeisterschaften 137 bpm
meenawati 116 bpm
melancholia 116 bpm
men's choir 63 bpm
messianic praise 118 bpm
michigan folk 138 bpm
michigan indie 124 bpm
middle earth 113 bpm
midwest americana 119 bpm
mississippi indie 114 bpm
missouri indie 100 bpm
modern indie folk 114 bpm
modern old-time 118 bpm
modern psychedelic folk 109 bpm
moderne ludovky 134 bpm
molam 120 bpm
mongolian folk 138 bpm
moravian folk
mountain dulcimer 83 bpm
mundart 110 bpm
musica occitana 127 bpm
musica sudcaliforniana 127 bpm
musique acadienne
muzica ardeleneasca
muzica banateana
muzica crestina 121 bpm
muzica maramureseana
muzica moldoveneasca 169 bpm
nashville americana 124 bpm
nashville indie 124 bpm
naturjodel 122 bpm
neo mellow 121 bpm
neo-kraut 119 bpm
neo-pagan 112 bpm
neo-psychedelic 117 bpm
neofolk 126 bpm
neue volksmusik 131 bpm
new americana 118 bpm
new england americana 113 bpm
new orleans americana 115 bpm
new weird america 118 bpm
new weird finland 117 bpm
newfoundland indie 99 bpm
nl folk 117 bpm
nordic folk 110 bpm
normal indie 138 bpm
north carolina indie 127 bpm
north carolina roots 127 bpm
north dakota indie 111 bpm
northumbrian folk
norwegian folk 83 bpm
nz folk 120 bpm
nz singer-songwriter 125 bpm
oberkrainer 132 bpm
ohio indie 115 bpm
okinawan folk 79 bpm
old-time 98 bpm
old-time fiddle 114 bpm
ontario indie 134 bpm
orkney and shetland folk 130 bpm
ostschlager 141 bpm
oth indie 115 bpm
ottawa indie 132 bpm
pakistani folk
pastoral 109 bpm
pei indie 157 bpm
phleng phuea chiwit 129 bpm
polish folk 131 bpm
pontian folk 121 bpm
pop folk 114 bpm
popgaze 105 bpm
portuguese folk 114 bpm
protest folk 111 bpm
psych gaze 108 bpm
psychedelic folk 110 bpm
puerto rican folk 109 bpm
punjabi folk 106 bpm
rajasthani folk 125 bpm
rocksteady 114 bpm
rogaland musikk 116 bpm
romanian folk
roots worship 117 bpm
rumeli turkuleri 122 bpm
rune folk 122 bpm
russian folk 134 bpm
russian shoegaze
rusyn folk 168 bpm
sandalwood 118 bpm
saskatchewan indie 133 bpm
school choir 112 bpm
scottish folk 122 bpm
scottish gaelic folk 126 bpm
scottish indie folk 113 bpm
sefardi 104 bpm
serbian folk
siberian folk 136 bpm
slovak folk
slovenian folk
slowcore 120 bpm
south carolina indie 122 bpm
southern americana 126 bpm
spanish folk
spanish indie folk 115 bpm
spirituals 109 bpm
springfield mo indie 119 bpm
starogradska 121 bpm
stomp and flutter 122 bpm
stomp and holler 117 bpm
string band 118 bpm
string folk 81 bpm
sunnlensk tonlist 169 bpm
swedish americana 120 bpm
swedish indie folk 114 bpm
swedish singer-songwriter 115 bpm
swiss country 149 bpm
swiss folk 116 bpm
swiss indie folk 104 bpm
taiwan campus folk
tallava 119 bpm
tanzlmusi 98 bpm
tavern 107 bpm
telugu folk 131 bpm
tennessee experimental
thai folk 130 bpm
traditional british folk 121 bpm
traditional english folk 147 bpm
traditional folk 100 bpm
traditional scottish folk 118 bpm
traditional southern folk
tuna universitaria
turbo folk 125 bpm
turkish folk 117 bpm
tuvan folk
twin cities indie 131 bpm
uk americana 121 bpm
ukrainian folk 134 bpm
ukrainian indie 126 bpm
vbs 120 bpm
vermont indie 114 bpm
viking folk 119 bpm
vintage country folk
vintage old-time
virginia indie 119 bpm
wellington indie 116 bpm
welsh choir 102 bpm
welsh folk 112 bpm
west coast reggae 128 bpm
west virginia indie 143 bpm
western saharan folk 106 bpm
wisconsin indie 112 bpm
women's music
yiddish folk
yorkshire folk
zillertal 129 bpm