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Hip hop music, with its infectious beats and expressive lyrics, has become a global cultural phenomenon, influencing everything from fashion to politics. Rooted in the streets of the Bronx in the 1970s, hip hop has evolved into a diverse and dynamic genre that continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate world of hip hop music, examining the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre.

I. Instruments in Hip Hop Music:

  1. Turntables and DJ Equipment: The Backbone of Hip Hop
    • Turntables and DJ equipment play a central role in hip hop music, providing the rhythmic foundation for beat-making and scratching.
    • From classic vinyl records to modern digital controllers, these tools allow DJs to manipulate and remix music in real-time, creating unique and dynamic soundscapes.
  2. Samples and Sampling: Flipping Records
    • Sampling is a fundamental technique in hip hop production, allowing producers to extract and repurpose snippets of existing music.
    • From soulful loops to gritty drum breaks, samples are used to create the distinctive sound of hip hop, with artists often "flipping" records to create something entirely new.
  3. Drum Machines: Crafting the Beat
    • Drum machines are essential tools in hip hop production, providing the rhythmic backbone for beats and instrumentals.
    • From the iconic sounds of the Roland TR-808 to modern software plugins, drum machines allow producers to create hard-hitting and dynamic drum patterns that drive the music forward.
  4. Synthesizers and Samplers: Adding Texture and Flavor
    • Synthesizers and samplers are used to add texture and flavor to hip hop productions, providing melodic hooks and atmospheric elements.
    • From lush pads to gritty leads, these instruments allow producers to create rich and immersive soundscapes that complement the beat.
  5. Vocal Delivery: The Voice of the Streets
    • Vocal delivery is a crucial element of hip hop music, with artists using their voices to express their thoughts, experiences, and emotions.
    • From rapid-fire flows to melodic hooks, the vocal delivery in hip hop is as diverse and dynamic as the genre itself, with artists often pushing the boundaries of lyricism and storytelling.

II. Keys and Tempos in Hip Hop Music:

  1. Key Considerations
    • Hip hop music often explores a wide range of keys, with producers drawing inspiration from various musical traditions and genres.
    • Key changes are used strategically to evoke different moods and emotions throughout a song, with artists often experimenting with unconventional chord progressions and harmonies.
  2. The Tempo Factor
    • Tempos in hip hop music can vary widely, ranging from slow and laid-back grooves to fast-paced and frenetic beats.
    • Popular tempos include around 70-90 beats per minute (bpm) for boom-bap and lo-fi hip hop, and 90-110 bpm for more uptempo styles such as trap and drill.

III. Common Elements in Hip Hop Music:

  1. Sampling and Chopping
    • Sampling and chopping are essential techniques in hip hop production, with producers often digging through crates of vinyl records in search of the perfect sample.
    • By slicing and rearranging samples, producers can create unique and innovative beats that pay homage to the genre's rich musical heritage.
  2. Lyricism and Wordplay
    • Lyricism and wordplay are hallmarks of hip hop music, with artists using clever rhymes and witty wordplay to express themselves.
    • From intricate multi-syllabic flows to punchy one-liners, the art of lyricism is central to the culture and tradition of hip hop.
  3. Beatboxing and Vocal Percussion
    • Beatboxing and vocal percussion are unique elements of hip hop culture, with artists using their voices to create rhythmic beats and sounds.
    • From mimicking drum patterns to imitating turntable scratches, beatboxing adds an element of spontaneity and improvisation to hip hop performances.
  4. Sampling and Remixing
    • Sampling and remixing are integral parts of hip hop culture, with artists often reinterpreting and reimagining existing music in new and innovative ways.
    • Whether it's flipping a classic soul record or reworking a popular hit, sampling and remixing allow artists to put their own unique spin on familiar sounds.


In conclusion, hip hop music is a dynamic and ever-evolving genre that continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. From the gritty beats of the streets to the smooth flows of the microphone, every element of hip hop music is a reflection of the culture and experiences of its creators. By understanding the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre, aspiring artists and fans alike can gain a deeper appreciation for the music and its enduring legacy.

We have analyzed a large amount of hip hop music Songs to give you an overview about key and tempo distributions in hip hop music. At the bottom of the page, you can find all sub-genres of hip hop music to get more details in specific sub-genres as the average tempo per genre.

Most used keys for Hip Hop music

Most used fundamental keys for Hip Hop music

Most used tempo/BPM for Hip Hop music

List of Hip Hop music subgenres with average tempo/bpm

Klick on the subgenre to get detailed statistics for harmonic and tempo distribubion of the subgenre.
Subgenre Average Tempo
abstract hip hop 112 bpm
aesthetic rap 124 bpm
afghan rap 119 bpm
afrikaans 122 bpm
afrikaans hip hop 126 bpm
afro drill 122 bpm
alabama rap 122 bpm
alaska hip hop 125 bpm
albanian hip hop 118 bpm
alberta hip hop 117 bpm
alternative ccm 121 bpm
alternative hip hop 113 bpm
ambeat 102 bpm
anime drill 133 bpm
anime lo-fi 112 bpm
anime phonk 126 bpm
anime rap 128 bpm
antilliaanse rap 121 bpm
apostolic worship 126 bpm
arab trap 128 bpm
arabic hip hop 120 bpm
argentine hip hop 120 bpm
arkansas hip hop 125 bpm
armenian hip hop 119 bpm
asian american hip hop 117 bpm
assamese hip hop
atl drill
atl hip hop 125 bpm
atl trap 130 bpm
atlanta bass 134 bpm
atlantic canada hip hop 119 bpm
aussie drill 126 bpm
austin hip hop 123 bpm
australian hip hop 119 bpm
australian indigenous hip hop 116 bpm
australian techno 129 bpm
australian trap 119 bpm
australian underground hip hop 116 bpm
austrian hip hop 123 bpm
azeri rap 120 bpm
balkan drill 125 bpm
balkan hip hop 121 bpm
balkan trap 126 bpm
baltimore hip hop 122 bpm
bangladeshi hip hop 115 bpm
baps 113 bpm
barbershop 114 bpm
bass trap 129 bpm
baton rouge rap 131 bpm
battle rap 117 bpm
bay area hip hop 111 bpm
bayerischer rap 121 bpm
bc underground hip hop 117 bpm
beatboxing 113 bpm
beats 119 bpm
belarusian hip hop 124 bpm
belgian hip hop 120 bpm
birmingham hip hop 117 bpm
bisaya rap 124 bpm
bleep techno 128 bpm
boom bap 112 bpm
boston hip hop 115 bpm
botswana hip hop 126 bpm
bounce 123 bpm
braindance 129 bpm
brazilian hip hop 115 bpm
breakcore 133 bpm
brisbane hip hop 126 bpm
britcore 124 bpm
brockton hip hop 121 bpm
bronx drill 140 bpm
bronx hip hop 114 bpm
brooklyn drill 130 bpm
buffalo hip hop 123 bpm
bulgarian hip hop 117 bpm
bulgarian trap 133 bpm
byzantine 107 bpm
cali rap 108 bpm
cameroonian hip hop 118 bpm
canadian drill 135 bpm
canadian hip hop 123 bpm
canadian indigenous hip hop 121 bpm
canadian old school hip hop 114 bpm
canadian trap 125 bpm
canadian underground hip hop 115 bpm
cascadia psych 120 bpm
central asian hip hop 118 bpm
charva 125 bpm
chicago bop 132 bpm
chicago drill 128 bpm
chicago rap 122 bpm
chicano rap 111 bpm
chill abstract hip hop 113 bpm
chill drill 125 bpm
chill phonk 132 bpm
chinese hip hop 119 bpm
chinese melodic rap 119 bpm
chip hop 117 bpm
chopped and screwed 117 bpm
christian dance 120 bpm
christian hip hop 123 bpm
christian punk 128 bpm
christian trap 132 bpm
christlicher rap 116 bpm
cincinnati rap 123 bpm
cloud rap 125 bpm
cloud rap francais 122 bpm
cologne hip hop 119 bpm
colombian hip hop 112 bpm
comedy rap 115 bpm
comic 121 bpm
commons 119 bpm
conscious hip hop 111 bpm
country rap 124 bpm
croatian hip hop 127 bpm
crunk 127 bpm
cypriot hip hop 125 bpm
czech alternative rap 115 bpm
czech drill 128 bpm
czech hip hop 126 bpm
czech indie 118 bpm
czsk emo rap 128 bpm
czsk hip hop 128 bpm
danish hip hop 118 bpm
dark plugg 127 bpm
dark trap 127 bpm
deep east coast hip hop 105 bpm
deep freestyle 123 bpm
deep g funk 119 bpm
deep german hip hop 119 bpm
deep idm 124 bpm
deep southern trap 123 bpm
deep underground hip hop 119 bpm
denver rap 125 bpm
desi emo rap 116 bpm
desi hip hop 119 bpm
desi trap 117 bpm
detroit hip hop 116 bpm
detroit techno 136 bpm
detroit trap 122 bpm
detroit trap brasileiro 125 bpm
detroit trap en espanol 127 bpm
dfw rap 125 bpm
dirty south rap 119 bpm
dirty texas rap 120 bpm
dmv rap 123 bpm
dream plugg 123 bpm
drift 114 bpm
drill 132 bpm
drill beats 137 bpm
drill brasileiro 126 bpm
drill chileno 114 bpm
drill dominicano 124 bpm
drill espanol 125 bpm
drill francais 131 bpm
drill italiana 124 bpm
drill tuga 129 bpm
drumless hip hop 110 bpm
dungeon rap 127 bpm
dutch drill 134 bpm
dutch hip hop 115 bpm
dutch trap 126 bpm
dutch underground hip hop 104 bpm
east coast hip hop 109 bpm
edo old school 112 bpm
egyptian hip hop 127 bpm
egyptian trap 118 bpm
electro 120 bpm
electronic trap 128 bpm
electronica cristiana 128 bpm
emo rap 125 bpm
emo rap italiano 123 bpm
emo trap en espanol 129 bpm
emo trap italiana 114 bpm
estonian hip hop 112 bpm
ethiopian hip hop 115 bpm
experimental hip hop 116 bpm
finnish drill 123 bpm
finnish hip hop 121 bpm
finnish trap 122 bpm
flick hop 118 bpm
flint hip hop 125 bpm
florida drill 125 bpm
florida rap 121 bpm
frauenrap 121 bpm
freestyle 121 bpm
french hip hop 121 bpm
full on groove 116 bpm
funk carioca 125 bpm
funk mtg 119 bpm
funk paulista 124 bpm
futuristic swag 130 bpm
g funk 106 bpm
gambian hip hop 123 bpm
gangster rap 113 bpm
georgian hip hop 120 bpm
german alternative rap 117 bpm
german cloud rap 127 bpm
german drill 120 bpm
german hip hop 116 bpm
german jazz rap 110 bpm
german reggae 123 bpm
german trap 123 bpm
german underground rap 117 bpm
german viral rap 125 bpm
ghanaian hip hop 114 bpm
ghettotech 122 bpm
glitchcore 132 bpm
goa hip hop 110 bpm
golden age hip hop 108 bpm
gospel drill 132 bpm
gospel rap 119 bpm
gothenburg hip hop 126 bpm
greek drill 127 bpm
greek fem rap 118 bpm
greek hip hop 117 bpm
greek trap 123 bpm
greek underground rap 106 bpm
grime 122 bpm
grime brasileiro 125 bpm
grimewave 125 bpm
gulf hip hop 118 bpm
gym phonk 128 bpm
hamburg hip hop 114 bpm
hamburger schule 126 bpm
hard motivation 114 bpm
hardcore hip hop 109 bpm
harlem hip hop 124 bpm
haryanvi hip hop 122 bpm
hawaiian hip hop 118 bpm
hawaiian indie 120 bpm
hindi hip hop 112 bpm
hip hop 121 bpm
hip hop boliviano 120 bpm
hip hop cubano 111 bpm
hip hop galsen 113 bpm
hip hop mauritanien 120 bpm
hip hop quebecois 117 bpm
hip hop reunionnais 108 bpm
hip hop timur 121 bpm
hip hop tuga 119 bpm
hip pop 120 bpm
hipco 115 bpm
hong kong hip hop 125 bpm
horrorcore 121 bpm
houston rap 125 bpm
hungarian hip hop 120 bpm
hungarian underground rap 115 bpm
hyphy 119 bpm
icelandic hip hop 117 bpm
idaho hip hop 117 bpm
igbo rap 118 bpm
igbo trap 121 bpm
indian underground rap 123 bpm
indiana hip hop 123 bpm
indie hip hop 119 bpm
indie pop rap 116 bpm
indonesian emo rap 120 bpm
indonesian hardcore 131 bpm
indonesian hip hop 120 bpm
indonesian trap 121 bpm
indonesian underground hip hop 122 bpm
indonesian worship 126 bpm
industrial hip hop 128 bpm
instrumental hip hop 113 bpm
iowa hip hop 121 bpm
iraqi hip hop 121 bpm
irish drill 132 bpm
irish hip hop 116 bpm
irish trap 125 bpm
irish underground rap 126 bpm
israeli hip hop 116 bpm
israeli trap 130 bpm
israelite hip hop 117 bpm
italian hip hop 116 bpm
italian underground hip hop 99 bpm
j-rap 123 bpm
jamaican hip hop 117 bpm
japanese boom bap 113 bpm
japanese chill rap 108 bpm
japanese drill 132 bpm
japanese old school hip hop 114 bpm
japanese pop rap 128 bpm
japanese trap 127 bpm
japanese underground rap 125 bpm
jawaiian 121 bpm
jazz boom bap 106 bpm
jazz rap 106 bpm
jewish hip hop 112 bpm
josei rap 120 bpm
k-rap 123 bpm
kannada hip hop 122 bpm
kansas city hip hop 116 bpm
kansas hip hop 118 bpm
kashmiri hip hop 122 bpm
kasi rap 123 bpm
kazakh hip hop 117 bpm
kentucky hip hop 124 bpm
kenyan drill 119 bpm
kenyan hip hop 124 bpm
khmer 122 bpm
khmer hip hop 125 bpm
kids dance party 119 bpm
kids hip hop 119 bpm
kikuyu gospel 121 bpm
korean drill 121 bpm
korean old school hip hop 121 bpm
korean trap 121 bpm
korean underground rap 121 bpm
korean worship 119 bpm
kurdish hip hop 106 bpm
kyrgyz hip hop 126 bpm
lao hip hop 128 bpm
lapland hip hop 126 bpm
latin hip hop 115 bpm
latin viral rap 120 bpm
latvian hip hop 119 bpm
lgbtq+ hip hop 124 bpm
libyan hip hop 120 bpm
lithuanian hip hop 115 bpm
lithuanian trap 127 bpm
lo-fi latino 113 bpm
lo-fi rap 114 bpm
lo-fi vgm 115 bpm
london rap 123 bpm
luxembourgian hip hop 119 bpm
macedonian hip hop 131 bpm
maga rap 120 bpm
magyar trap 120 bpm
maine hip hop 124 bpm
malawian hip hop 115 bpm
malay rap 121 bpm
malayalam hip hop 119 bpm
malaysian hip hop 121 bpm
malaysian tamil rap 122 bpm
maltese hip hop 120 bpm
manchester hip hop 121 bpm
manele 135 bpm
marathi hip hop 117 bpm
melbourne hip hop 121 bpm
melodic drill 130 bpm
melodic rap 127 bpm
meme rap 125 bpm
memphis hip hop 132 bpm
memphis phonk 140 bpm
mexican hip hop 117 bpm
miami bass 127 bpm
miami hip hop 123 bpm
middle east hip hop 125 bpm
military cadence 123 bpm
military rap 120 bpm
milwaukee hip hop 126 bpm
minnesota hip hop 122 bpm
mississippi hip hop 121 bpm
mongolian hip hop 124 bpm
musica acreana
musica eletronica gospel 123 bpm
myanmar hip hop 113 bpm
narco rap 133 bpm
nashville hip hop 125 bpm
native american hip hop 99 bpm
necrotrap 128 bpm
nephop 135 bpm
nerdcore 122 bpm
new jersey rap 125 bpm
new jersey underground rap 132 bpm
new orleans rap 123 bpm
new school turkce rap 124 bpm
new york drill 135 bpm
nigerian hip hop 114 bpm
nordnorsk rap 104 bpm
norrlandsk hip hop 122 bpm
north carolina hip hop 120 bpm
north moroccan rap 111 bpm
northeast indian hip hop 120 bpm
norwegian hip hop 119 bpm
norwegian pop rap 125 bpm
norwegian trap 122 bpm
nottingham hip hop 117 bpm
nu electro 124 bpm
nyc rap 122 bpm
nz christian 125 bpm
nz gangsta rap 118 bpm
nz hip hop 120 bpm
oakland hip hop 119 bpm
oc rap 131 bpm
ohio hip hop 123 bpm
old school atlanta hip hop 125 bpm
old school hip hop 113 bpm
old school nederhop 122 bpm
old school rap francais 110 bpm
old school uk hip hop 129 bpm
oldschool deutschrap 106 bpm
ottawa rap 120 bpm
outer hip hop 120 bpm
pakistani hip hop 118 bpm
palestinian alternative 117 bpm
palestinian hip hop 118 bpm
persian drill 128 bpm
persian hip hop 125 bpm
persian melodic rap 142 bpm
persian sad rap 114 bpm
persian trap 122 bpm
persian underground hip hop
perth hip hop 118 bpm
peruvian hip hop 116 bpm
philly drill 124 bpm
philly rap 114 bpm
phonk 126 bpm
phonk brasileiro 125 bpm
pinoy alternative rap 119 bpm
pinoy drill 117 bpm
pinoy hip hop 118 bpm
pinoy trap 111 bpm
pittsburgh rap 118 bpm
plug brasileiro 126 bpm
plugg 123 bpm
plugg francais 128 bpm
pluggnb 130 bpm
polish alternative rap 114 bpm
polish drill 125 bpm
polish hip hop 122 bpm
polish old school hip hop 104 bpm
polish phonk 131 bpm
polish trap 121 bpm
polish underground rap 112 bpm
polish viral rap 123 bpm
political hip hop 118 bpm
polynesian hip hop 109 bpm
pop rap 116 bpm
portland hip hop 118 bpm
proto-rap 125 bpm
psychedelic hip hop 121 bpm
psychokore 113 bpm
punjabi hip hop 113 bpm
punjabi lo-fi 107 bpm
queens hip hop 118 bpm
r&drill 116 bpm
r&drill 123 bpm
rage rap 131 bpm
rap 124 bpm
rap abc paulista 117 bpm
rap acreano 117 bpm
rap algerien 121 bpm
rap angolano 126 bpm
rap anime 121 bpm
rap baiano 123 bpm
rap belge 126 bpm
rap capixaba 117 bpm
rap cearense 129 bpm
rap congolais 122 bpm
rap conscient 117 bpm
rap criolo 126 bpm
rap cristao 115 bpm
rap cristiano 116 bpm
rap ecuatoguineano 123 bpm
rap femenino mexicano 114 bpm
rap feminino nacional 114 bpm
rap francais 125 bpm
rap francais nouvelle vague 116 bpm
rap gabonais 117 bpm
rap gasy 125 bpm
rap gaucho 127 bpm
rap geek 127 bpm
rap genovese 104 bpm
rap guineen 121 bpm
rap inde 117 bpm
rap italiano old school 104 bpm
rap kreyol 122 bpm
rap liegeois 99 bpm
rap marseille 119 bpm
rap mineiro 122 bpm
rap mocambicana 118 bpm
rap moldovenesc 126 bpm
rap motywacja 133 bpm
rap napoletano 116 bpm
rap nica 117 bpm
rap norteno chileno 112 bpm
rap nortista
rap paraense 113 bpm
rap paranaense 111 bpm
rap pernambucano 110 bpm
rap portuense
rap potiguar 117 bpm
rap sardegna 116 bpm
rap sergipano 112 bpm
rap siciliano 111 bpm
rap sureno chileno 107 bpm
rap tuga underground 117 bpm
redneck 125 bpm
rhode island rap 117 bpm
riddim 115 bpm
romanian rap 122 bpm
romanian trap 125 bpm
russian drill 124 bpm
russian emo rap 124 bpm
russian gangster rap 113 bpm
russian grime 126 bpm
russian hip hop 120 bpm
russian old school hip hop 91 bpm
russian plugg 131 bpm
russian trap 128 bpm
russian underground rap 105 bpm
russian viral rap 124 bpm
rva drill 128 bpm
rwandan hip hop 118 bpm
sacramento hip hop 126 bpm
sad rap 122 bpm
samurai trap 121 bpm
san antonio rap 118 bpm
san diego rap 116 bpm
scam rap 121 bpm
schweizer rap 112 bpm
scottish drill 126 bpm
scottish hip hop 125 bpm
scouse rap 125 bpm
scratch 120 bpm
scream rap 130 bpm
seattle hip hop 122 bpm
serbian hip hop 120 bpm
sesotho hip hop 116 bpm
shib 116 bpm
sichuanese hip hop 125 bpm
sigilkore 127 bpm
singaporean hip hop 123 bpm
singeli 122 bpm
sinhala rap 117 bpm
slovak hip hop 119 bpm
slovak trap 126 bpm
slovenian hip hop 128 bpm
smutny rap 116 bpm
soca 124 bpm
soul flow 115 bpm
south african hip hop 116 bpm
south african trap 119 bpm
south african underground rap 119 bpm
south carolina hip hop 127 bpm
southern hip hop 128 bpm
spanish hip hop 116 bpm
spiritual hip hop 108 bpm
spoken word 116 bpm
st louis drill 121 bpm
st louis rap 121 bpm
sudanese hip hop 117 bpm
suomirap 117 bpm
surinamese hip hop 119 bpm
swazi hip hop 122 bpm
swedish drill 124 bpm
swedish gangsta rap 119 bpm
swedish hip hop 119 bpm
swedish pop rap 116 bpm
swedish reggae 123 bpm
swedish trap 120 bpm
swedish underground rap 103 bpm
swiss hip hop 113 bpm
swiss trap 123 bpm
syrian hip hop 120 bpm
tagalog rap 120 bpm
taiwan hip hop 127 bpm
tamaulipas rap 124 bpm
tamil hip hop 121 bpm
tamil indie hip hop 122 bpm
tanzanian hip hop 118 bpm
techno 135 bpm
telugu hip hop 118 bpm
tennessee hip hop 120 bpm
texas latin rap 123 bpm
thai hip hop 126 bpm
thai pop rap 125 bpm
thai trap 125 bpm
tibetan hip hop 102 bpm
toronto rap 133 bpm
trap 128 bpm
trap angolano 113 bpm
trap antillais 122 bpm
trap baiano 122 bpm
trap beats 126 bpm
trap carioca 119 bpm
trap cristao 120 bpm
trap cristiano 118 bpm
trap ecuatoriano 122 bpm
trap kreyol 133 bpm
trap maroc 121 bpm
trap pesado 135 bpm
trap tuga 110 bpm
traphall 126 bpm
trival 126 bpm
turkce drill 124 bpm
turkce kadin rap 120 bpm
turkish hip hop 119 bpm
turkish trap 123 bpm
turntablism 123 bpm
ua trap 110 bpm
ugandan hip hop 115 bpm
uk alternative hip hop 121 bpm
uk christian rap 118 bpm
uk desi rap 110 bpm
uk drill 133 bpm
uk hip hop 119 bpm
uk melodic rap 122 bpm
ukrainian hip hop 119 bpm
underground boom bap 121 bpm
underground hip hop 117 bpm
underground rap 109 bpm
upstate ny rap 118 bpm
urban contemporary 114 bpm
urban kiz 135 bpm
urdu hip hop 117 bpm
uzbek hip hop 124 bpm
vaportrap 121 bpm
venda rap 127 bpm
venezuelan hip hop 120 bpm
viet chill rap 125 bpm
vietnamese hip hop 128 bpm
vietnamese melodic rap 124 bpm
vietnamese trap 120 bpm
viral rap 123 bpm
viral trap 129 bpm
virginia hip hop 121 bpm
vlaamse rap 117 bpm
welsh hip hop 118 bpm
west australian hip hop 113 bpm
west coast rap 110 bpm
west coast trap 114 bpm
west-vlaamse hip hop 117 bpm
westcoast flow 109 bpm
winnipeg hip hop 121 bpm
wu fam 117 bpm
xhosa hip hop 117 bpm
zambian hip hop 123 bpm
zim hip hop 113 bpm