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World traditional music, with its rich tapestry of sounds and cultural diversity, reflects the unique heritage and identity of communities around the globe. Rooted in centuries-old traditions and passed down from generation to generation, traditional music encompasses a wide range of styles, genres, and instruments, each with its own distinct rhythms, melodies, and harmonies. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate world of world traditional music, examining the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre.

I. Instruments in World Traditional Music:

  1. String Instruments: The Backbone of Tradition
    • String instruments such as the guitar, violin, and oud are integral to many traditional music styles around the world, providing the rhythmic foundation and melodic embellishments that define the genre.
    • Whether it's the intricate fingerpicking of a flamenco guitarist or the soulful strains of a fiddle solo, string instruments play a central role in preserving and perpetuating traditional music traditions.
  2. Percussion Instruments: Driving the Rhythm
    • Percussion instruments such as drums, tambourines, and hand drums are ubiquitous in world traditional music, driving the rhythmic pulse and adding layers of texture and complexity to the arrangement.
    • Whether it's the thunderous beats of a taiko drum ensemble or the intricate rhythms of a West African djembe circle, percussion instruments infuse traditional music with energy, vitality, and dynamism.
  3. Wind Instruments: Echoes of the Past
    • Wind instruments such as flutes, bagpipes, and trumpets have been used in traditional music for centuries, their evocative tones echoing the cultural heritage and historical legacy of communities around the world.
    • Whether it's the haunting melodies of a Celtic tin whistle or the vibrant fanfares of a Balkan brass band, wind instruments add color, depth, and emotion to traditional music performances.
  4. Plucked Instruments: Expressions of Virtuosity
    • Plucked instruments such as the lute, banjo, and sitar showcase the virtuosic talents of traditional musicians, their intricate fingerpicking patterns and ornate embellishments mesmerizing audiences and listeners alike.
    • Whether it's the hypnotic twang of a bluegrass banjo or the mesmerizing drones of an Indian sitar, plucked instruments captivate the imagination and transport listeners to distant lands and bygone eras.
  5. Vocals and Choral Traditions: Storytelling Through Song
    • Vocals and choral traditions are at the heart of world traditional music, with singers using their voices to tell stories, express emotions, and celebrate the cultural heritage and identity of their communities.
    • Whether it's the powerful harmonies of a gospel choir or the intricate polyphony of a Bulgarian women's ensemble, vocals and choral traditions convey the essence of tradition, unity, and resilience.

II. Keys and Tempos in World Traditional Music:

  1. Key Considerations
    • World traditional music explores a wide range of keys, scales, and modalities, drawing inspiration from the natural environment, cultural customs, and spiritual beliefs of communities around the world.
    • Key changes are used strategically to evoke different emotions and moods, with musicians often improvising and embellishing melodies within the framework of traditional scales and tonalities.
  2. The Tempo Factor
    • Tempos in world traditional music vary widely, reflecting the diverse range of cultural practices, social rituals, and ceremonial occasions celebrated by communities around the world.
    • Whether it's the lively dance rhythms of a Celtic jig or the solemn processions of a Japanese gagaku ensemble, tempos in traditional music adapt to the needs and customs of the occasion, uniting participants and spectators in a shared experience of music and culture.

III. Common Elements in World Traditional Music:

  1. Rhythmic Patterns and Dance Forms
    • Rhythmic patterns and dance forms are integral to world traditional music, providing a framework for social interaction, community cohesion, and cultural expression.
    • Whether it's the syncopated rhythms of an African drum circle or the intricate footwork of an Irish step dance, rhythmic patterns and dance forms unite performers and audiences in a shared celebration of tradition and heritage.
  2. Melodic Phrases and Ornamentation
    • Melodic phrases and ornamentation are key elements of world traditional music, with musicians using improvisation, embellishments, and variations to personalize and interpret traditional tunes and melodies.
    • Whether it's the trills and grace notes of a Scottish fiddle tune or the slides and bends of a bluesy bottleneck guitar, melodic phrases and ornamentation add depth, expression, and individuality to traditional music performances.
  3. Call and Response and Group Participation
    • Call and response and group participation are common features of world traditional music, fostering a sense of community, cooperation, and shared identity among performers and listeners.
    • Whether it's the spirited call and response of a West African drum circle or the joyful sing-along of a folk music festival, call and response and group participation create a sense of inclusivity and belonging that transcends cultural boundaries and linguistic barriers.
  4. Improvisation and Cultural Adaptation
    • Improvisation and cultural adaptation are fundamental aspects of world traditional music, allowing musicians to reinterpret, reinvent, and revitalize traditional tunes and melodies for contemporary audiences and contexts.
    • Whether it's the fusion of traditional folk songs with modern instrumentation or the reinterpretation of ancient rituals and ceremonies for contemporary stages and platforms, improvisation and cultural adaptation ensure that world traditional music remains relevant, vibrant, and dynamic in an ever-changing world.


In conclusion, world traditional music is a vibrant and dynamic genre that celebrates the rich tapestry of cultural diversity and human creativity found throughout the world. From the rhythmic drumming of an African village to the haunting melodies of a Celtic ballad, traditional music reflects the unique heritage, identity, and spirit of communities around the globe. By understanding the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre, listeners can embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation, exploring the timeless beauty and universal appeal of world traditional music.

We have analyzed a large amount of world traditional music Songs to give you an overview about key and tempo distributions in world traditional music. At the bottom of the page, you can find all sub-genres of world traditional music to get more details in specific sub-genres as the average tempo per genre.

Most used keys for World Traditional music

Most used fundamental keys for World Traditional music

Most used tempo/BPM for World Traditional music

List of World Traditional music subgenres with average tempo/bpm

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Subgenre Average Tempo
afghan traditional
african gospel 123 bpm
african percussion 117 bpm
african reggae 128 bpm
afrikaans gospel
afro psych 122 bpm
afro-cuban traditional 101 bpm
afro-funk 110 bpm
afrobeat 115 bpm
afroswing 114 bpm
alpenpanorama 92 bpm
alphorn 113 bpm
alte 115 bpm
american oi 124 bpm
andean panpipe
anthem 126 bpm
antilliaanse folklore
arab alternative 116 bpm
asakaa 120 bpm
australian indigenous
australian indigenous music 116 bpm
azeri traditional 116 bpm
azonto 117 bpm
azontobeats 123 bpm
bagpipe 124 bpm
bagpipe marching band 113 bpm
bahai 119 bpm
balafon 114 bpm
balalaika 133 bpm
balinese traditional 126 bpm
banda guanajuatense 132 bpm
banda sinaloense 129 bpm
bandura 86 bpm
bangla gojol 143 bpm
bangladeshi indie 80 bpm
banjo 127 bpm
baptist gospel 128 bpm
bard 107 bpm
barnemusikk 113 bpm
barnsagor 104 bpm
batswana traditional
belo horizonte indie 116 bpm
benga 181 bpm
bhangra 116 bpm
bikutsi 132 bpm
blasmusik 130 bpm
bongo flava 112 bpm
boom bap brasileiro 115 bpm
bouzouki 112 bpm
brasilia indie 116 bpm
brazilian reggae 123 bpm
burkinabe traditional
cambodian traditional
canadian celtic 123 bpm
canadian indigenous
cancion infantil latinoamericana 114 bpm
candomble 105 bpm
cantonese traditional
cantonese worship
canzone d'autore 114 bpm
canzone napoletana 114 bpm
carnatic vocal 115 bpm
ceilidh 129 bpm
celtic 113 bpm
celtic harp 110 bpm
chaabi algerien 107 bpm
channel islands indie 119 bpm
chant religieux 105 bpm
chante nwel 110 bpm
chennai indie 113 bpm
chicago mexican 125 bpm
chimurenga 109 bpm
chinese traditional 121 bpm
chinese wind 73 bpm
christian afrobeat 111 bpm
chutney 120 bpm
clap and tap 131 bpm
classic afrobeat 104 bpm
classic bhangra 113 bpm
classic bollywood 116 bpm
classic luk thung 107 bpm
classic opm 118 bpm
classic sierreno 125 bpm
coco 101 bpm
college marching band 134 bpm
comptine africaine
concertina 118 bpm
congolese gospel 146 bpm
contra dance 119 bpm
coral gospel 121 bpm
corridos adictivos 128 bpm
corridos alternativos 124 bpm
corridos belicos 129 bpm
coupe-decale 128 bpm
cruise 132 bpm
czsk reggae 144 bpm
dalarna indie 132 bpm
dancehall 112 bpm
dangdut 127 bpm
deep downtempo fusion 113 bpm
dennery segment 135 bpm
detskie pesni 127 bpm
didgeridoo 130 bpm
dub brasileiro
duduk 88 bpm
ecuadorian indie 106 bpm
egyptian traditional
enka 107 bpm
entehno 124 bpm
ethiopian traditional
fado instrumental 126 bpm
family gospel 128 bpm
filmi 117 bpm
finnish indie 132 bpm
finnish new wave 119 bpm
finnish reggae 95 bpm
finnish worship 127 bpm
folclore portugues 157 bpm
folk siciliana 186 bpm
folklore paraguayo 117 bpm
folkmusik 121 bpm
football 123 bpm
forro manauara 138 bpm
fremantle indie 121 bpm
french oi 141 bpm
french worship 130 bpm
friese muziek 151 bpm
fuji 125 bpm
gaita 109 bpm
galway indie 143 bpm
gamelan 129 bpm
gengetone 118 bpm
german boom bap 101 bpm
ghanaian alternative 112 bpm
ghanaian gospel 125 bpm
ghazal 105 bpm
gnawa 117 bpm
goralski 134 bpm
gospel antigas 112 bpm
gospel reggae 127 bpm
gqom 124 bpm
greek clarinet
greek indie 116 bpm
greek swing 116 bpm
griot 101 bpm
gujarati garba 126 bpm
gumbe 65 bpm
haitian traditional
haitian vodou drumming
hammered dulcimer 113 bpm
harp 106 bpm
haryanvi ragni 111 bpm
hawaiian 118 bpm
highlife 123 bpm
hindustani instrumental 91 bpm
hiplife 115 bpm
ho munda 126 bpm
icelandic traditional 141 bpm
igbo traditional
igbo worship 132 bpm
ilahije 122 bpm
ilahiler 122 bpm
indian instrumental 114 bpm
indian percussion
indie curitibano 121 bpm
indie paraense 115 bpm
indonesian bamboo
indonesian indigenous traditional
inuit traditional
iranian experimental 95 bpm
irish accordion
irish ballad 79 bpm
irish dance 136 bpm
irish fiddle 158 bpm
irish flute 92 bpm
irish neo-traditional 113 bpm
irish pub song
irish rebel song 122 bpm
islamic recitation 102 bpm
isle of man indie 143 bpm
israeli singer-songwriter 126 bpm
israeli traditional
italian alternative 115 bpm
japanese dub 120 bpm
japanese traditional 116 bpm
japanese worship
javanese gamelan
jaw harp
jewish a capella 137 bpm
jig and reel 118 bpm
jugendchor 101 bpm
kaneka 112 bpm
kapa haka
karneval 130 bpm
kenyan alternative 128 bpm
khayal 104 bpm
kirtan 107 bpm
klezmer 120 bpm
kol isha
koligeet 116 bpm
kolkata indie 111 bpm
komedi 128 bpm
kora 106 bpm
korean instrumental 117 bpm
korean traditional
krajiska muzika 108 bpm
kritika 118 bpm
kuduro 122 bpm
kuduro antigo 142 bpm
kwaito 114 bpm
kyrgyz traditional
kyushu indie
lagu aceh 113 bpm
lagu betawi
lagu bugis 124 bpm
lagu iban
lagu karo 143 bpm
lagu maluku 140 bpm
lagu manado
lagu sasak
laiko 122 bpm
lastelaulud 131 bpm
latmiya 102 bpm
lds 118 bpm
lebanese indie 139 bpm
lesotho traditional
luk thung 131 bpm
maithili 149 bpm
makossa 122 bpm
malang indie
malawian gospel
malian traditional
maloya 124 bpm
manila sound 122 bpm
mantra 114 bpm
mappila paattu 113 bpm
marathi balgeet
marathi devotional 123 bpm
marathi traditional 118 bpm
marrabenta 117 bpm
marsmuziek 106 bpm
maskandi 122 bpm
mbalax 105 bpm
mbira 129 bpm
mexican traditional 111 bpm
mezmur 97 bpm
middle eastern traditional
modern bollywood 116 bpm
modern reggae 119 bpm
morna 115 bpm
moroccan traditional
musica afroperuana
musica angolana 114 bpm
musica bajacaliforniana 132 bpm
musica blumenauense
musica brasiliense 99 bpm
musica cabo-verdiana 121 bpm
musica campineira 72 bpm
musica caririense 91 bpm
musica criolla
musica ecuatoguineana 98 bpm
musica eletronica brasileira 90 bpm
musica folk asturiana
musica guerrerense 117 bpm
musica indigena brasileira 135 bpm
musica indigena mexicana
musica instrumental cristiana 131 bpm
musica lombarda
musica madeirense 120 bpm
musica mocambicana 115 bpm
musica morelense 128 bpm
musica paranaense 111 bpm
musica pernambucana
musica piemonteisa
musica portuguesa contemporanea 118 bpm
musica roraimense
musica sammarinese 153 bpm
musica santomense 111 bpm
musica sinaloense 128 bpm
musica valenciana 144 bpm
musicas espiritas
musiikkia lapista
musiikkia lapsille 112 bpm
musikkorps 115 bpm
musique centrafricaine
musique comorienne 130 bpm
musique mahoraise 133 bpm
musique mandingue
musique mauritanienne
musique militaire 112 bpm
musique nigerienne 176 bpm
musique peule
musique soninke 113 bpm
musique tahitienne 113 bpm
musique touareg
musique traditionnelle congolaise
muzica bisericeasca 106 bpm
muzica etno 136 bpm
muzica lautareasca 119 bpm
myanmar gospel
naat 118 bpm
naija old school 110 bpm
naija worship 118 bpm
narodna muzika 126 bpm
nasheed 117 bpm
native american
native american contemporary 114 bpm
native american flute 91 bpm
native american spiritual 122 bpm
native american traditional 108 bpm
ndombolo 117 bpm
neo honky tonk 121 bpm
neo kyma 118 bpm
new tribe 120 bpm
norske viser 107 bpm
norwegian americana 130 bpm
norwegian singer-songwriter 118 bpm
nouvelle chanson francaise 119 bpm
nubian traditional
nyahbinghi 110 bpm
nyckelharpa 100 bpm
odia bhajan 156 bpm
old school highlife 105 bpm
oud 70 bpm
oulu indie 96 bpm
pacific islands gospel 124 bpm
palestinian traditional
persian alternative 132 bpm
persian neo-traditional 114 bpm
persian poetry
persian traditional 133 bpm
pinoy traditional 129 bpm
pirate 124 bpm
poezja spiewana 126 bpm
polca paraguaya 110 bpm
police band
polynesian traditional 122 bpm
polyphonies corses
pop urbaine 113 bpm
pop worship 125 bpm
popullore jugu 126 bpm
powwow 89 bpm
previa 122 bpm
psalms 146 bpm
punta 141 bpm
qanun 131 bpm
qawwali 111 bpm
quran 107 bpm
rabindra sangeet 140 bpm
rap ivoire 131 bpm
rap malien
rasiya 119 bpm
rebetiko 129 bpm
reggae gaucho 99 bpm
reggae maghreb 98 bpm
reggae tuga
rosary 110 bpm
rumba congolaise 133 bpm
russian chanson 117 bpm
russian choir 127 bpm
russian reggae 140 bpm
russian romance 182 bpm
rwandan traditional
sacred harp
salzburg indie 120 bpm
sami 117 bpm
sarangi 116 bpm
schwyzerorgeli 116 bpm
scottish americana 139 bpm
scottish fiddle 138 bpm
scottish singer-songwriter 131 bpm
scottish smallpipe
sean-nos singing
seemannslieder 125 bpm
sega 93 bpm
semarang indie
semba 103 bpm
senegalese traditional
sertanejo gospel 136 bpm
sevdah 138 bpm
shakuhachi 142 bpm
shanty 117 bpm
soukous 131 bpm
south african alternative 117 bpm
south african choral 96 bpm
south african country
south african gospel 117 bpm
south african pop dance
sufi 136 bpm
sufi chant
sundanese traditional
sungura 120 bpm
suomisaundi 91 bpm
svensk lovsang 189 bpm
svensk progg 128 bpm
swedish dancehall 123 bpm
swedish fiddle
swiss worship 129 bpm
syro-aramaic chant
szanty 123 bpm
taarab 118 bpm
taiwanese indigenous music
tamazight 137 bpm
tamil devotional 130 bpm
tamil worship 120 bpm
tan co
tanzanian traditional
telugu devotional 131 bpm
thai instrumental 117 bpm
thai traditional
thai worship
throat singing 128 bpm
tibetan traditional
tollywood 118 bpm
trad quebecois
traditional irish singing
trekkspill 118 bpm
trinidadian reggae 124 bpm
trio batak
trondheim indie
tuareg guitar 136 bpm
turkish instrumental 121 bpm
ugandan gospel 91 bpm
uilleann pipes 116 bpm
uk dancehall 124 bpm
ukrainian ccm
veena 130 bpm
viet instrumental
vintage gospel
visor 120 bpm
waiata maori 131 bpm
world 121 bpm
world fusion 115 bpm
world worship 126 bpm
xhosa 115 bpm
yodeling 96 bpm
yoruba worship 108 bpm
zambian gospel 117 bpm
zilizopendwa 117 bpm
zim gospel 133 bpm
zim urban groove 105 bpm
zimdancehall 117 bpm
zohioliin duu
zouglou 132 bpm