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Find Mixing or Music Ideas with Song Finder where you can filter our Music-Database by Genre, BPM and Key instantly with audio previews for many tracks. Analyse music with our Key BPM analyser and our free BPM tapper tool.

Upload your songs and get BPM, Key and Mood information from our browser based tool for free. Your files are not uploaded to our server but instead are analysed in your browser. Please only upload one file at a time. Your results are calculed and displayed in seconds after the upload is finished! Your tracks will be analysed for dancebility, happieness, sadness, aggressiveness and relaxedness. And of course you get the key and BPM for your songs!

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Discover the Emotion of Your Music

Welcome to our free online music analysis tool! As a Dj or musician, knowing how your music resonates with listeners is crucial for connecting on a deeper level. AI algorithms by MTG analyze your songs to reveal its emotional attributes, including danceability, happiness, sadness, aggressiveness, and relaxation. Gain valuable insights into the emotional impact of your music and use this knowledge to craft the perfect atmosphere for your audience.

How It Works:

  1. Upload Your Song: Simply drop files or button to select your song from your device. Our tool supports various audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, and more. Rest assured that your uploaded files are handled securely because they are not uploaded to our server but are analysed within your browser.
  2. Emotional Analysis: Once your song is processed, sophisticated algorithms get to work instantly. The tool measures key attributes like danceability, happiness, sadness, aggressiveness, and relaxation levels, providing you with an in-depth emotional profile of your music or songs.
  3. Technical Details: In addition to the emotional analysis, you'll also receive essential technical details, such as the key and BPM of your song. Understanding the key and BPM helps you fine-tune your music, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your artistic vision.
  4. Interpretation and Application: Dive into the comprehensive analysis of your music to understand how each emotional aspect contributes to the overall feel. Use these valuable insights to make informed decisions during the creative process, tailor your music to specific genres or moods, or even identify potential areas for improvement.

Why Use Our Music Analysis Tool?

Our music analysis tool is designed to provide you with accurate and meaningful insights into the emotional essence of your music and songs. Whether you're an artist or DJ, our tool can help you: