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Electronic music has revolutionized the way we experience sound, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. From pulsating beats to otherworldly synthesizers, electronic music offers a vast sonic landscape for exploration. In this in-depth analysis, we delve into the intricate world of electronic music, examining the instruments, keys, tempos, and common techniques that define the genre.

I. Instruments in Electronic Music:

  1. Synthesizers: Shaping Soundscapes
    • Synthesizers are the cornerstone of electronic music, capable of producing a wide range of sounds and textures.
    • From analog synths to digital workstations, these versatile instruments allow producers to sculpt unique sonic landscapes that captivate listeners.
  2. Samplers: Repurposing Sound
    • Samplers play a crucial role in electronic music production, allowing artists to manipulate and rearrange existing sounds.
    • By sampling everything from drum breaks to vocal snippets, producers can create intricate patterns and rhythms that defy traditional music conventions.
  3. Drum Machines: Driving the Beat
    • Drum machines provide the rhythmic backbone of electronic music, offering a wide array of percussive sounds and patterns.
    • From classic drum machines like the Roland TR-808 to modern software plugins, these instruments shape the groove and energy of the song.
  4. Sequencers: Crafting Patterns
    • Sequencers allow producers to program complex patterns and sequences with precision.
    • Whether it's sequencing melodic arpeggios or modulating filter sweeps, these tools empower artists to explore new musical territories.
  5. Effects Processors: Shaping Sound
    • Effects processors such as reverb, delay, and distortion are used to sculpt and manipulate sounds in electronic music.
    • By applying creative processing techniques, producers can transform ordinary sounds into ethereal textures and atmospheric layers.

II. Keys and Tempos in Electronic Music:

  1. Key Considerations
    • Electronic music often explores a wide range of keys, from dark and brooding minor scales to bright and euphoric major scales.
    • Key changes are used strategically to evoke different moods and emotions throughout a track.
  2. The Tempo Factor
    • Tempos in electronic music can vary greatly depending on the subgenre and artistic intent.
    • From slow and atmospheric downtempo tracks to fast-paced and frenetic drum and bass, electronic music offers a diverse range of tempos to suit every taste.

III. Common Techniques in Electronic Music:

  1. Layering: Building Complexity
    • Layering is a fundamental technique used in electronic music production to create depth and complexity in sound.
    • By combining multiple layers of synths, samples, and effects, producers can craft rich and immersive sonic landscapes that captivate listeners.
  2. Modulation: Adding Movement
    • Modulation is used to introduce dynamic changes and movement in electronic music.
    • From subtle pitch shifts to dramatic filter sweeps, modulation techniques breathe life into sounds, keeping them evolving and engaging throughout the track.
  3. Sampling: Repurposing Sound
    • Sampling is a common technique in electronic music production, allowing artists to repurpose existing sounds and recordings.
    • By sampling everything from field recordings to vintage vinyl, producers can infuse their tracks with a sense of nostalgia and authenticity.
  4. Automation: Dynamic Control
    • Automation is used to dynamically control various parameters such as volume, panning, and effects settings throughout a track.
    • By automating these parameters, producers can add movement and interest to their music, creating dynamic shifts and transitions that hold the listener's attention.


In conclusion, electronic music is a vibrant and ever-evolving genre that continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. From the otherworldly sounds of synthesizers to the driving rhythms of drum machines, electronic music offers endless possibilities for sonic exploration. By understanding the instruments, keys, tempos, and common techniques that define the genre, aspiring producers can unlock new realms of musical expression and creativity. So next time you find yourself lost in the hypnotic groove of an electronic track, take a moment to appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and artistry that went into creating it.

We have analyzed a large amount of Electronic Music Songs to give you an overview about key and tempo distributions in Electronic Music. At the bottom of the page, you can find all sub-genres of Electronic Music to get more details in specific sub-genres as the average tempo per genre.

Most used keys for Electronic music

Most used fundamental keys for Electronic music

Most used tempo/BPM for Electronic music

List of Electronic music subgenres with average tempo/bpm

Klick on the subgenre to get detailed statistics for harmonic and tempo distribubion of the subgenre.
Subgenre Average Tempo
2-step 131 bpm
8-bit 143 bpm
abstract idm 120 bpm
abstractro 144 bpm
acid house 126 bpm
acid idm 138 bpm
acid techno 135 bpm
acid trance 138 bpm
acidcore 149 bpm
african electronic 121 bpm
afrikaans gqom 127 bpm
afro house 122 bpm
afro house angolano 134 bpm
aggressive phonk 127 bpm
aggrotech 130 bpm
algorave 125 bpm
amapiano 113 bpm
ambient 109 bpm
ambient dub
ambient dub techno 103 bpm
ambient fusion 120 bpm
ambient house 121 bpm
ambient idm 122 bpm
ambient industrial 116 bpm
ambient psychill 127 bpm
ambient techno 128 bpm
ambient trance 146 bpm
anime hardstyle 180 bpm
arab electronic 116 bpm
argentine ambient 111 bpm
atmospheric dnb 141 bpm
aussietronica 124 bpm
australian ambient 101 bpm
australian dance 129 bpm
australian house 125 bpm
australian indie 121 bpm
austrian dnb 156 bpm
austrian techno 128 bpm
balearic 115 bpm
balkan beats 124 bpm
basel indie 119 bpm
bass house 128 bpm
bass music 129 bpm
basshall 118 bpm
bassline 131 bpm
batida 136 bpm
beach house 115 bpm
belarusian electronic 116 bpm
belgian dnb 157 bpm
belgian edm 126 bpm
belgian electronic 116 bpm
belgian experimental
belgian techno 134 bpm
bergen indie 121 bpm
berlin minimal techno 137 bpm
berlin school 123 bpm
big beat 127 bpm
big room 128 bpm
birmingham grime 127 bpm
bolobedu house 118 bpm
bosnian electronic 111 bpm
boston electronic 116 bpm
bouncy house 139 bpm
brazilian bass 127 bpm
brazilian dnb 152 bpm
brazilian edm 125 bpm
brazilian house 124 bpm
brazilian tech house 126 bpm
brazilian techno 129 bpm
breakbeat 134 bpm
breaks 137 bpm
bristol electronic 125 bpm
broken beat 118 bpm
brostep 130 bpm
bubble trance 136 bpm
bulgarian electronic 122 bpm
bulgarian indie 117 bpm
canadian electronic 122 bpm
canadian house 121 bpm
cedm 118 bpm
chicago house 123 bpm
chilean techno
chill baile 127 bpm
chill breakcore 141 bpm
chill groove
chill house 115 bpm
chill out 108 bpm
chill-out trance 119 bpm
chillhop 108 bpm
chillstep 130 bpm
chinese electronic 121 bpm
chiptune 122 bpm
circuit 128 bpm
classic dubstep 130 bpm
classic hardstyle 145 bpm
classic house 126 bpm
classic progressive house 128 bpm
cologne electronic 120 bpm
colombian electronic 132 bpm
complextro 128 bpm
cosmic uplifting trance 134 bpm
coverchill 117 bpm
covertronica 123 bpm
croatian electronic 124 bpm
cuban electronic 124 bpm
cyberpunk 123 bpm
czech electronic 127 bpm
czech experimental
dancefloor dnb 155 bpm
danish electronic 122 bpm
danish techno 125 bpm
dariacore 135 bpm
dark ambient 103 bpm
dark clubbing 122 bpm
dark disco 117 bpm
dark electro 129 bpm
dark minimal techno 130 bpm
dark progressive house 125 bpm
dark psytrance 147 bpm
dark techno 132 bpm
darkstep 167 bpm
darksynth 122 bpm
deathstep 131 bpm
deconstructed club 121 bpm
deep ambient 84 bpm
deep big room 133 bpm
deep breakcore 94 bpm
deep chill 120 bpm
deep darkpsy
deep deep house 120 bpm
deep disco house 123 bpm
deep dnb 158 bpm
deep dubstep 139 bpm
deep euro house 122 bpm
deep filthstep 113 bpm
deep flow 102 bpm
deep full on 174 bpm
deep funk house 123 bpm
deep groove house 125 bpm
deep hardtechno
deep house 121 bpm
deep liquid 158 bpm
deep liquid bass 143 bpm
deep minimal techno 127 bpm
deep pop edm 122 bpm
deep power-pop punk
deep progressive house 117 bpm
deep progressive trance 134 bpm
deep psytrance 138 bpm
deep ragga 118 bpm
deep rai 117 bpm
deep soul house 121 bpm
deep sunset lounge 118 bpm
deep tech house 126 bpm
deep techno 125 bpm
deep tropical house 118 bpm
deep uplifting trance 128 bpm
deep vocal house 124 bpm
destroy techno 123 bpm
detroit house 127 bpm
digital hardcore 133 bpm
disco house 124 bpm
diva house 124 bpm
doomcore 165 bpm
doujin 124 bpm
downtempo 118 bpm
downtempo bass 121 bpm
dream trance 133 bpm
dreampunk 117 bpm
drift phonk 133 bpm
drill and bass
drone 104 bpm
drone ambient 93 bpm
drum and bass 154 bpm
drumfunk 124 bpm
dub product
dub reggae 113 bpm
dub techno 120 bpm
dubstep 132 bpm
dubstep product 146 bpm
dubsteppe 117 bpm
dungeon synth 122 bpm
dusseldorf electronic 120 bpm
dutch dnb 142 bpm
dutch edm 129 bpm
dutch experimental electronic 128 bpm
dutch house 127 bpm
dutch moombahton 123 bpm
dutch tech house 127 bpm
dutch trance 127 bpm
ebm 127 bpm
edm 125 bpm
electro house 124 bpm
electro trash 131 bpm
electronica 120 bpm
electronica peruana 126 bpm
electronica venezuela 124 bpm
elektropunk 126 bpm
eletronica underground brasileira 124 bpm
epa dunk 142 bpm
estonian electronic 129 bpm
ethnotronica 116 bpm
euphoric hardstyle 147 bpm
euro hi-nrg 125 bpm
experimental ambient 103 bpm
experimental bass 119 bpm
experimental dub 117 bpm
experimental dubstep 116 bpm
experimental electronic 127 bpm
experimental house 123 bpm
experimental techno 130 bpm
extratone 137 bpm
fidget house 114 bpm
filter house 119 bpm
filthstep 127 bpm
finnish edm 123 bpm
finnish electro 140 bpm
finnish electronic
finnish techno
float house 114 bpm
focus beats 107 bpm
focus trance
footwork 135 bpm
forest psy 146 bpm
frankfurt electronic 121 bpm
freeform hardcore 160 bpm
french dnb 144 bpm
french dub 126 bpm
french indietronica 120 bpm
french tech house 127 bpm
french techno 134 bpm
full on 137 bpm
funky house 122 bpm
funky tech house 125 bpm
future ambient 116 bpm
future bass 125 bpm
future bounce 126 bpm
future garage 123 bpm
future house 125 bpm
g-house 119 bpm
gabber 150 bpm
gamecore 129 bpm
gaming dubstep 137 bpm
gaming edm 131 bpm
garage house 126 bpm
georgian electronic 120 bpm
german dark minimal techno 130 bpm
german dnb 144 bpm
german ebm 120 bpm
german electronica 131 bpm
german house 125 bpm
german tech house 125 bpm
german techno 130 bpm
german trance 138 bpm
glitch 98 bpm
glitch ambient
glitch beats 115 bpm
glitch hop 119 bpm
glitchbreak 141 bpm
glitter trance 126 bpm
goa psytrance
greek downtempo 105 bpm
greek house 110 bpm
greek techno 123 bpm
groove room 118 bpm
gym hardstyle 145 bpm
halftime dnb 127 bpm
hamburg electronic 123 bpm
happy hardcore 161 bpm
hard bass 144 bpm
hard dance 147 bpm
hard house 140 bpm
hard industrial techno 153 bpm
hard minimal techno 128 bpm
hard techno 145 bpm
hard trance 139 bpm
hardcore breaks 140 bpm
hardcore techno 146 bpm
hardgroove 128 bpm
hardstyle 144 bpm
hardtekk 155 bpm
hardwave 118 bpm
hauntology 118 bpm
hexd 149 bpm
hi-tech 157 bpm
high-tech minimal 125 bpm
hip house 122 bpm
hip-hop experimental 109 bpm
hjemmesnekk 140 bpm
house 123 bpm
house argentino 122 bpm
hungarian edm 120 bpm
hungarian techno 111 bpm
hypertechno 142 bpm
hypertrance 139 bpm
hypnotic techno 124 bpm
icelandic electronic 116 bpm
indian ambient 98 bpm
indian edm 131 bpm
indian electronic 117 bpm
indian techno 128 bpm
indie electronica 122 bpm
indie napoletano 123 bpm
indonesian edm 125 bpm
indonesian electronic 113 bpm
industrial hardcore 104 bpm
industrial noise
industrial techno 146 bpm
instrumental grime 119 bpm
irish electronic 130 bpm
irish experimental electronic 138 bpm
irish techno 124 bpm
israeli techno 118 bpm
italian electronica 123 bpm
italian tech house 126 bpm
italian techno 134 bpm
italian trance 134 bpm
italo house 130 bpm
j-ambient 119 bpm
jackin' house 123 bpm
jamtronica 116 bpm
japanese beats 141 bpm
japanese chillhop 112 bpm
japanese edm 134 bpm
japanese electronic 124 bpm
japanese house 121 bpm
japanese idm 109 bpm
japanese jazztronica 113 bpm
japanese progressive house 126 bpm
japanese techno 125 bpm
japanese vgm 121 bpm
jazz house 119 bpm
jazzy dnb 174 bpm
jirai kei 125 bpm
jump up 154 bpm
jumpstyle 140 bpm
jungle 155 bpm
kawaii edm 148 bpm
kawaii future bass 136 bpm
keller synth
klubowe 131 bpm
korean electronic 119 bpm
korean experimental
krushfunk 123 bpm
latin house 127 bpm
latin tech house 127 bpm
latin tek 126 bpm
latintronica 116 bpm
latvian electronic 125 bpm
leipzig electronic 152 bpm
liminal space 73 bpm
liquid funk 145 bpm
lithuanian edm 124 bpm
lithuanian electronic 129 bpm
livetronica 123 bpm
lo-fi beats 110 bpm
lo-fi brasileiro 113 bpm
lo-fi house 121 bpm
lounge house 114 bpm
luxembourgian electronic 123 bpm
macedonian electronic 121 bpm
magyar retro dance 148 bpm
mashcore 124 bpm
mashup 120 bpm
melbourne bounce 133 bpm
melbourne bounce international 130 bpm
melodic dubstep 133 bpm
melodic house 123 bpm
melodic techno 123 bpm
metropopolis 122 bpm
mexican edm 127 bpm
mexican electronic 131 bpm
mexican experimental 85 bpm
mexican tech house 126 bpm
mexican techno 128 bpm
miami electronic 108 bpm
microhouse 121 bpm
minimal dnb
minimal dub 134 bpm
minimal dubstep 115 bpm
minimal melodic techno 123 bpm
minimal tech house 117 bpm
minimal techno 123 bpm
modern ebm 126 bpm
modern electroacoustic 111 bpm
modern jungle 143 bpm
modular techno 140 bpm
moombahton 119 bpm
munich electronic 118 bpm
nantes indie 120 bpm
nederlandse hardstyle 132 bpm
neo grime 135 bpm
neo-proto 130 bpm
neoperreo 120 bpm
neurofunk 158 bpm
neurostep 117 bpm
new french touch 117 bpm
nice indie 152 bpm
nitzhonot 120 bpm
nordic ambient 108 bpm
nordic house 128 bpm
northeast indian indie 122 bpm
norwegian house 118 bpm
norwegian space disco 122 bpm
norwegian techno 125 bpm
nu gabber 146 bpm
nu skool breaks 125 bpm
nz dnb 156 bpm
nz electronic 135 bpm
old school bassline 134 bpm
old school ebm 149 bpm
old school hard trance 145 bpm
organic ambient 90 bpm
organic electronic 116 bpm
organic house 119 bpm
outsider house 144 bpm
pakistani electronic 108 bpm
persian electronic 112 bpm
piano house 126 bpm
pinoy edm 125 bpm
polish ambient 114 bpm
polish electronica 122 bpm
polish experimental electronic
polish techno 138 bpm
pop ambient
pop edm 124 bpm
pop house 128 bpm
portuguese electronic
portuguese techno 134 bpm
power noise 132 bpm
progressive breaks 120 bpm
progressive electro house 125 bpm
progressive house 130 bpm
progressive psytrance 138 bpm
progressive trance 133 bpm
progressive trance house 128 bpm
progressive uplifting trance 126 bpm
psybass 139 bpm
psychedelic trance 137 bpm
psychill 121 bpm
psydub 97 bpm
psytech 126 bpm
purple sound 130 bpm
ragga jungle 130 bpm
raggatek 129 bpm
rally house 128 bpm
rave 120 bpm
raw techno 133 bpm
rawstyle 152 bpm
re:techno 128 bpm
rhythm game 135 bpm
riddim dubstep 135 bpm
ritual ambient
romanian electronic 117 bpm
romanian house 127 bpm
romanian indie 115 bpm
rominimal 126 bpm
russelater 134 bpm
russian dance 121 bpm
russian dnb 158 bpm
russian edm 120 bpm
russian electronic 121 bpm
russian experimental electronic 172 bpm
russian pixel 112 bpm
russian rave 137 bpm
russian techno 127 bpm
russian trance 135 bpm
russian witch house 120 bpm
sad lo-fi 117 bpm
saxophone house 121 bpm
schranz 142 bpm
scottish electronic 133 bpm
scottish techno 131 bpm
serbian electronic 121 bpm
sgija 116 bpm
singaporean electronic 127 bpm
sinhala edm
skweee 80 bpm
sky room 124 bpm
slap house 128 bpm
slovak electronic 126 bpm
slovenian electronic
solipsynthm 117 bpm
somatik techno
soulful house 121 bpm
sound team 123 bpm
south african deep house 117 bpm
south african dnb
south african electronic 121 bpm
south african house 122 bpm
south african soulful deep house 120 bpm
south african techno
sovietwave 133 bpm
space ambient 103 bpm
spanish electronic 123 bpm
spanish techno 123 bpm
speed garage 132 bpm
speed house 134 bpm
speedcore 120 bpm
speedrun 132 bpm
stateside dnb 160 bpm
stutter house 127 bpm
substep 133 bpm
sunset lounge 125 bpm
swedish ebm 120 bpm
swedish electronic 115 bpm
swedish house 121 bpm
swedish synth 126 bpm
swedish techno 128 bpm
swedish tropical house 122 bpm
swiss house 122 bpm
swiss indie 121 bpm
swiss techno 131 bpm
synthesizer 121 bpm
taiwan electronic 134 bpm
taiwan experimental
tearout 85 bpm
tech house 127 bpm
tech trance 135 bpm
techno argentina 124 bpm
techno rave 145 bpm
techno remix 143 bpm
tekk 138 bpm
tekno 136 bpm
tijuana electronic 124 bpm
trance 131 bpm
trance brasileiro 139 bpm
trance mexicano 144 bpm
traprun 126 bpm
tribal house 124 bpm
trip hop 115 bpm
tropical house 116 bpm
turkish deep house 115 bpm
turkish edm 118 bpm
turkish electronic 116 bpm
uk bass 152 bpm
uk dance 124 bpm
uk dnb 142 bpm
uk experimental electronic 114 bpm
uk funky 131 bpm
uk garage 122 bpm
uk house 125 bpm
uk reggae 120 bpm
uk tech house 126 bpm
ukg revival 132 bpm
ukrainian ambient
ukrainian dnb
ukrainian edm 119 bpm
ukrainian electronic 124 bpm
ukrainian techno
underground amapiano 112 bpm
uplifting trance 132 bpm
uptempo hardcore 118 bpm
utopian virtual
vapor house 145 bpm
vapor twitch 118 bpm
vgm remix 143 bpm
viet edm 138 bpm
vietnamese electronic 102 bpm
vinahouse 116 bpm
vintage french electronic 123 bpm
vocal house 123 bpm
vocal trance 128 bpm
wave 115 bpm
weightless 118 bpm
weirdcore 127 bpm
witch house 115 bpm
wonky 128 bpm
zenonesque 124 bpm
zurich indie 122 bpm
zxc 128 bpm