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Metal music, with its thunderous riffs and aggressive vocals, has carved out a unique and influential niche in the world of music. Rooted in the rebellious spirit of rock and roll, metal music has evolved into a diverse and dynamic genre that encompasses a wide range of styles and subgenres, from classic heavy metal to extreme death metal. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate world of metal music, examining the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre.

I. Instruments in Metal Music:

  1. Guitar: The Driving Force of Metal
    • The guitar is the driving force behind metal music, with its distorted tones and lightning-fast riffs.
    • From the palm-muted chugs of thrash metal to the intricate sweeps of progressive metal, the guitar serves as the focal point of many metal compositions.
  2. Bass Guitar: Adding Depth and Power
    • The bass guitar adds depth and power to the sound of metal music, providing a solid foundation for the music.
    • Whether it's locking in with the drums to create a thunderous rhythm section or adding melodic fills and flourishes, the bass guitar plays a crucial role in shaping the sound of metal.
  3. Drums: Driving the Beat with Precision
    • The drums are the backbone of metal music, providing the driving beat and rhythmic intensity that propel the music forward.
    • From blistering blast beats to thunderous double bass patterns, the drums in metal music are characterized by their precision and power.
  4. Vocals: Expressing Aggression and Emotion
    • Vocals in metal music are often characterized by their aggression and intensity, with singers delivering powerful screams and guttural growls.
    • Whether it's the soaring melodies of power metal or the brutal growls of death metal, the vocals in metal music are as diverse and dynamic as the genre itself.
  5. Keyboards and Orchestration: Adding Atmosphere and Drama
    • Keyboards and orchestration are sometimes used in metal music to add atmosphere and drama to the arrangement.
    • From haunting orchestral arrangements to atmospheric synth pads, these elements enhance the sonic landscape of metal music and add depth to the composition.

II. Keys and Tempos in Metal Music:

  1. Key Considerations
    • Metal music often explores a wide range of keys, with artists drawing inspiration from various musical traditions and genres.
    • Key changes are used strategically to evoke different moods and emotions throughout a song, with artists often experimenting with unconventional chord progressions and harmonies.
  2. The Tempo Factor
    • Tempos in metal music can vary widely, ranging from slow and crushing dirges to fast-paced and frenetic thrashers.
    • Popular tempos include around 100-120 beats per minute (bpm) for mid-tempo songs and 160-200 bpm for faster-paced tracks.

III. Common Elements in Metal Music:

  1. Guitar Shredding and Solos
    • Guitar shredding and solos are iconic elements of metal music, with artists often showcasing their technical prowess and virtuosity through intricate guitar work.
    • From lightning-fast sweeps to face-melting solos, the guitar is a focal point of many metal compositions and performances.
  2. Powerful Choruses and Anthemic Hooks
    • Powerful choruses and anthemic hooks are common elements in metal music, with artists crafting memorable melodies and sing-along refrains.
    • Whether it's the catchy hooks of a radio-friendly metalcore anthem or the epic choruses of a classic power metal ballad, these elements add emotional depth and impact to metal music.
  3. Lyricism and Storytelling
    • Lyricism and storytelling are central to metal music, with artists using their lyrics to explore themes of darkness, rebellion, and existential angst.
    • Whether it's the apocalyptic visions of thrash metal or the fantastical tales of symphonic metal, the lyrics in metal music often serve as a reflection of the human condition and the darker aspects of the human psyche.
  4. Live Performance and Energy
    • Live performance and energy are essential aspects of metal music, with artists delivering electrifying performances that leave audiences breathless.
    • Whether it's the intense energy of a mosh pit or the communal camaraderie of a festival crowd, the live experience is an integral part of the metal music tradition.


In conclusion, metal music is a dynamic and powerful genre that continues to push the boundaries of creativity and expression. From the thunderous riffs of classic heavy metal to the technical wizardry of progressive metal, every element of metal music reflects the passion, intensity, and innovation of its creators. By understanding the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre, aspiring artists and fans alike can gain a deeper appreciation for the music and its enduring legacy.

We have analyzed a large amount of metal music Songs to give you an overview about key and tempo distributions in metal music. At the bottom of the page, you can find all sub-genres of metal music to get more details in specific sub-genres as the average tempo per genre.

Most used keys for Metal music

Most used fundamental keys for Metal music

Most used tempo/BPM for Metal music

List of Metal music subgenres with average tempo/bpm

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Genre Subgenre Average Tempo
Metal african metal 119 bpm
Metal alabama hardcore 161 bpm
Metal alabama metal 130 bpm
Metal alternative hardcore 126 bpm
Metal alternative metal 122 bpm
Metal alternative metalcore 113 bpm
Metal ambient black metal 96 bpm
Metal american grindcore 119 bpm
Metal american melodeath 117 bpm
Metal american metalcore 126 bpm
Metal anarcho-punk 131 bpm
Metal animegrind 103 bpm
Metal appalachian black metal 119 bpm
Metal arab metal 105 bpm
Metal argentine heavy metal 123 bpm
argentine metal
Metal arkansas metal 130 bpm
Metal atlanta metal 137 bpm
Metal atmospheric black metal 119 bpm
Metal atmospheric doom 101 bpm
Metal atmospheric post-metal 130 bpm
atmospheric sludge
Metal austin metal 125 bpm
Metal australian black metal 115 bpm
Metal australian death metal 128 bpm
Metal australian hardcore 127 bpm
Metal australian metal 121 bpm
Metal australian metalcore 124 bpm
Metal australian psych 126 bpm
Metal australian thrash metal 156 bpm
Metal austrian black metal 104 bpm
Metal austrian metal 125 bpm
Metal austrian punk 131 bpm
Metal autonomous black metal 118 bpm
Metal avant-garde black metal 124 bpm
Metal avant-garde metal 126 bpm
Metal balkan folk metal 148 bpm
Metal baltic black metal 90 bpm
Metal beatdown 121 bpm
Metal belarusian metal 119 bpm
Metal belgian black metal 109 bpm
Metal belgian death metal 116 bpm
Metal belgian hardcore 87 bpm
Metal belgian metal 103 bpm
Metal bergamo indie 93 bpm
Metal birmingham metal 115 bpm
Metal black 'n' roll 130 bpm
Metal black death 100 bpm
Metal black metal 120 bpm
Metal black noise 100 bpm
Metal black sludge 117 bpm
Metal black speed metal 135 bpm
Metal black thrash 137 bpm
Metal blackened crust 110 bpm
Metal blackened deathcore 120 bpm
Metal blackened hardcore 100 bpm
Metal blackened screamo 115 bpm
Metal blackgaze 104 bpm
Metal bleakgaze 100 bpm
Metal bolivian metal 132 bpm
Metal boston hardcore 127 bpm
Metal boston metal 131 bpm
Metal boston punk 119 bpm
Metal brazilian black metal 101 bpm
Metal brazilian death metal 117 bpm
brazilian groove metal
Metal brazilian hardcore 127 bpm
Metal brazilian heavy metal 124 bpm
Metal brazilian metal 135 bpm
Metal brazilian metalcore 128 bpm
Metal brazilian post-hardcore 138 bpm
Metal brazilian power metal 136 bpm
Metal brazilian progressive metal 119 bpm
Metal brazilian punk 126 bpm
brazilian thrash metal
Metal british black metal 121 bpm
Metal british death metal 112 bpm
Metal british grindcore 140 bpm
Metal british power metal 139 bpm
Metal brutal death metal 124 bpm
Metal brutal deathcore 122 bpm
Metal buffalo ny metal 147 bpm
Metal bulgarian metal 151 bpm
Metal bury st edmunds indie 97 bpm
Metal california hardcore 123 bpm
Metal canadian black metal 123 bpm
Metal canadian death metal 133 bpm
Metal canadian hardcore 125 bpm
Metal canadian metal 126 bpm
Metal canadian metalcore 129 bpm
cascadian black metal
Metal cavernous death metal 124 bpm
Metal celtic metal 122 bpm
Metal chapman stick 113 bpm
Metal charred death 113 bpm
Metal chilean metal 132 bpm
Metal chinese metal 120 bpm
Metal chinese metalcore 125 bpm
Metal christian death metal 171 bpm
Metal christian deathcore 126 bpm
Metal christian hardcore 141 bpm
Metal christian metal 134 bpm
Metal christian metalcore 136 bpm
Metal christian power metal 131 bpm
Metal christian symphonic metal 95 bpm
christian thrash metal
Metal cleveland metal 117 bpm
colombian black metal
Metal colorado hardcore 130 bpm
Metal comic metal 121 bpm
Metal connecticut hardcore 116 bpm
cosmic black metal
Metal cosmic death metal 102 bpm
croatian metal
Metal crossover thrash 128 bpm
Metal crust punk 116 bpm
Metal cyber metal 123 bpm
Metal cybergrind 116 bpm
Metal czech metal 131 bpm
Metal czsk black metal 128 bpm
danish black metal
Metal danish death metal 132 bpm
danish hardcore
Metal danish metal 116 bpm
Metal death 'n' roll 100 bpm
Metal death doom 100 bpm
Metal death industrial 105 bpm
Metal death metal 120 bpm
Metal deathcore 125 bpm
Metal deathgrind 103 bpm
Metal deathrash 117 bpm
Metal deep folk metal 125 bpm
Metal deep hardcore 128 bpm
Metal deep hardcore punk 136 bpm
Metal deep melodic death metal 118 bpm
Metal deep melodic metalcore 128 bpm
Metal deep metalcore 131 bpm
Metal deep orgcore 128 bpm
Metal denver metal 135 bpm
Metal depressive black metal 105 bpm
dissonant death metal
Metal djent 129 bpm
Metal doom metal 121 bpm
Metal doomgaze 146 bpm
Metal downtempo deathcore 119 bpm
Metal drone metal 124 bpm
Metal dub metal 128 bpm
dutch black metal
Metal dutch death metal 110 bpm
Metal dutch metal 126 bpm
Metal electro dub 120 bpm
Metal electro-industrial 133 bpm
Metal electronic djent 130 bpm
emotional black metal
Metal emoviolence 96 bpm
Metal epic black metal 194 bpm
Metal epic doom 93 bpm
estonian metal
Metal ethereal gothic 94 bpm
Metal euskal metal 141 bpm
Metal experimental black metal 108 bpm
Metal fallen angel 118 bpm
Metal fantasy metal 126 bpm
Metal finnish black metal 135 bpm
Metal finnish death metal 123 bpm
finnish doom metal
Metal finnish hardcore 126 bpm
Metal finnish heavy metal 124 bpm
Metal finnish melodeath 118 bpm
Metal finnish metal 131 bpm
Metal finnish metalcore 103 bpm
Metal finnish pop punk 147 bpm
Metal finnish post-punk 168 bpm
Metal finnish power metal 123 bpm
Metal finnish progressive metal 140 bpm
Metal finnish punk 80 bpm
Metal florida death metal 137 bpm
Metal folk black metal 118 bpm
Metal folk metal 130 bpm
Metal folk metal latinoamericano 141 bpm
forest black metal
french black metal
Metal french death metal 127 bpm
Metal french hardcore 95 bpm
Metal french metal 108 bpm
Metal french shoegaze 107 bpm
Metal frenchcore 119 bpm
funeral doom
Metal funk metal 122 bpm
Metal gaian doom 122 bpm
Metal german black metal 135 bpm
Metal german death metal 131 bpm
german grindcore
Metal german hardcore 132 bpm
Metal german heavy metal 126 bpm
Metal german melodeath 145 bpm
Metal german metal 126 bpm
Metal german metalcore 130 bpm
german pagan metal
Metal german post-hardcore 135 bpm
Metal german power metal 140 bpm
Metal german thrash metal 114 bpm
Metal glam metal 123 bpm
Metal glam punk 133 bpm
goa trance
Metal goregrind 122 bpm
Metal gothenburg metal 118 bpm
Metal gothic alternative 133 bpm
Metal gothic black metal 134 bpm
Metal gothic doom 128 bpm
Metal gothic metal 122 bpm
Metal gothic symphonic metal 133 bpm
Metal greek black metal 100 bpm
Metal greek metal 124 bpm
Metal grim death metal 149 bpm
Metal grindcore 99 bpm
Metal grisly death metal 121 bpm
Metal groove metal 127 bpm
Metal hard alternative 126 bpm
Metal hard glam 122 bpm
Metal hardcore 130 bpm
Metal hardcore punk 120 bpm
Metal heavy alternative 134 bpm
heavy psych
Metal hel 127 bpm
horror punk brasileiro
hungarian black metal
Metal hungarian metal 125 bpm
icelandic black metal
Metal icelandic metal 95 bpm
icelandic punk
Metal indian metal 172 bpm
Metal indonesian death metal 121 bpm
indonesian deathcore
indonesian metal
industrial black metal
Metal industrial metal 125 bpm
instrumental death metal
Metal instrumental djent 77 bpm
Metal instrumental progressive metal 133 bpm
Metal iranian metal 101 bpm
irish black metal
irish death metal
Metal irish hardcore 77 bpm
irish metal
Metal israeli metal 130 bpm
Metal israeli punk 152 bpm
italian black metal
italian death metal
italian doom metal
Metal italian folk metal 137 bpm
italian gothic metal
italian hardcore
Metal italian industrial 99 bpm
Metal italian metal 136 bpm
Metal italian metalcore 144 bpm
italian post-hardcore
italian power metal
Metal italian progressive metal 152 bpm
italian screamo
Metal j-core 153 bpm
Metal j-metal 133 bpm
Metal japanese black metal 103 bpm
Metal japanese death metal 133 bpm
Metal japanese heavy metal 144 bpm
Metal japanese metalcore 124 bpm
Metal japanese power metal 119 bpm
japanese screamo
Metal jazz metal 149 bpm
Metal kawaii metal 175 bpm
Metal kentucky metal 117 bpm
Metal kentucky punk 157 bpm
korean hardcore
Metal korean metal 123 bpm
lapland metal
Metal latin american heavy psych 97 bpm
Metal latin metal 124 bpm
latvian metal
Metal liechtenstein 130 bpm
Metal lion city hardcore 155 bpm
Metal long island punk 128 bpm
Metal louisiana metal 126 bpm
Metal lovecraftian metal 137 bpm
Metal lowlands hardcore 132 bpm
Metal magyar alternative 141 bpm
Metal mainland se asia metal 140 bpm
Metal malaysian metal 133 bpm
Metal medieval black metal 124 bpm
Metal melodic black metal 132 bpm
Metal melodic death metal 124 bpm
Metal melodic deathcore 128 bpm
Metal melodic doom 115 bpm
Metal melodic groove metal 156 bpm
Metal melodic hardcore 129 bpm
Metal melodic metal 131 bpm
Metal melodic metalcore 130 bpm
Metal melodic power metal 115 bpm
Metal melodic progressive metal 154 bpm
Metal melodic thrash 112 bpm
Metal metal 123 bpm
Metal metal catala 101 bpm
metal colombiano
Metal metal cover 128 bpm
Metal metal ecuatoriano 134 bpm
Metal metal galego 134 bpm
metal gaucho
Metal metal gotico 129 bpm
Metal metal guitar 113 bpm
metal mineiro
metal paranaense
metal salvadoreno
Metal metal tico 110 bpm
Metal metalcore 130 bpm
Metal metalcore espanol 105 bpm
Metal metallic hardcore 119 bpm
mexican black metal
Metal mexican death metal 97 bpm
Metal mexican metal 142 bpm
mexican power metal
mexican thrash metal
Metal miami metal 139 bpm
Metal mincecore 120 bpm
minneapolis metal
minnesota metal
Metal modern melodic hardcore 109 bpm
Metal musica andorra 131 bpm
Metal musica campista 93 bpm
Metal native american metal 176 bpm
Metal neo classical metal 31 bpm
Metal neo metal 112 bpm
Metal neo-crust 83 bpm
Metal neo-trad metal 126 bpm
Metal nerdcore brasileiro 115 bpm
Metal neue deutsche harte 128 bpm
Metal new england metal 171 bpm
Metal new jersey hardcore 132 bpm
Metal new jersey punk 136 bpm
Metal new wave of glam metal 135 bpm
Metal new wave of osdm 110 bpm
Metal new wave of speed metal 157 bpm
Metal new wave of thrash metal 122 bpm
new york death metal
Metal nightrun 126 bpm
Metal nordic folk metal 119 bpm
Metal north carolina metal 126 bpm
norwegian black metal
norwegian death metal
norwegian doom metal
Metal norwegian metal 120 bpm
Metal nova musica amazonense 124 bpm
Metal nu metal 115 bpm
Metal nu-metalcore 125 bpm
Metal nwobhm 130 bpm
Metal nwothm 126 bpm
Metal nyc metal 131 bpm
Metal nyhc 150 bpm
Metal nz hardcore 139 bpm
Metal nz metal 131 bpm
Metal ohio hardcore 124 bpm
Metal oi 145 bpm
Metal old school thrash 123 bpm
Metal opera metal 138 bpm
Metal oriental metal 119 bpm
Metal oulu metal 120 bpm
pagan black metal
Metal pennsylvania hardcore 134 bpm
peruvian death metal
Metal peruvian metal 132 bpm
pinoy metal
Metal pittsburgh metal 99 bpm
Metal polish black metal 161 bpm
polish death metal
Metal polish folk metal 123 bpm
Metal polish metal 113 bpm
Metal polish psychedelia 131 bpm
polish thrash metal
Metal pornogrind 106 bpm
Metal portland metal 138 bpm
Metal portuguese black metal 101 bpm
portuguese death metal
Metal portuguese metal 150 bpm
post-black metal
Metal post-doom metal 116 bpm
Metal post-grunge 126 bpm
Metal post-metal 129 bpm
Metal power metal 118 bpm
Metal power thrash 135 bpm
Metal powerviolence 126 bpm
poznan indie
Metal prog metal 126 bpm
Metal progressive alternative 135 bpm
Metal progressive black metal 149 bpm
Metal progressive death metal 148 bpm
Metal progressive deathcore 123 bpm
progressive doom
Metal progressive groove metal 113 bpm
Metal progressive metal 124 bpm
Metal progressive metalcore 126 bpm
Metal progressive post-hardcore 135 bpm
Metal progressive power metal 101 bpm
Metal progressive sludge 139 bpm
Metal progressive technical death metal 110 bpm
progressive thrash
Metal proto-metal 129 bpm
Metal psychedelic doom 123 bpm
Metal punk tuga 101 bpm
Metal quebec death metal 124 bpm
quebec metal
Metal rap metal 129 bpm
Metal rap metal espanol 120 bpm
Metal rap metalcore 118 bpm
Metal rautalanka 168 bpm
Metal retro metal 141 bpm
rock cearense
rock goiano
romanian black metal
romanian metal
Metal russian death metal 100 bpm
Metal russian folk metal 111 bpm
Metal russian hardcore 120 bpm
Metal russian heavy metal 118 bpm
Metal russian metal 138 bpm
Metal russian metalcore 123 bpm
Metal russian nu metal 126 bpm
Metal russian power metal 140 bpm
Metal russian screamo 116 bpm
russian thrash metal
Metal russian trap metal 123 bpm
Metal sacramento indie 118 bpm
Metal saxony metal 137 bpm
Metal sci-fi metal 187 bpm
scottish metal
Metal screamo 125 bpm
Metal screamocore 119 bpm
Metal seattle metal 133 bpm
shoegaze brasileiro
Metal shred 130 bpm
Metal singaporean metal 141 bpm
Metal skate punk 122 bpm
Metal skinhead oi 176 bpm
Metal skramz 123 bpm
Metal slam death metal 122 bpm
Metal slamming deathcore 133 bpm
slash punk
Metal slavic folk metal 127 bpm
Metal slavic metal 120 bpm
Metal slayer 128 bpm
slc hardcore
Metal slovak metal 160 bpm
slovenian metal
Metal sludge metal 126 bpm
Metal south african metal 180 bpm
Metal south asian metal 103 bpm
south carolina metal
Metal southern metal 122 bpm
spanish death metal
Metal spanish folk metal 141 bpm
Metal spanish metal 149 bpm
Metal speed metal 120 bpm
Metal stoner metal 118 bpm
Metal straight edge 109 bpm
Metal street punk 148 bpm
Metal swancore 136 bpm
swedish black metal
Metal swedish death metal 121 bpm
swedish doom metal
swedish grindcore
Metal swedish hardcore 117 bpm
Metal swedish heavy metal 107 bpm
Metal swedish melodeath 119 bpm
Metal swedish metal 130 bpm
Metal swedish metalcore 129 bpm
Metal swedish post-hardcore 121 bpm
Metal swedish power metal 129 bpm
Metal swedish progressive metal 144 bpm
swiss black metal
Metal swiss metal 134 bpm
Metal symphonic black metal 106 bpm
Metal symphonic death metal 109 bpm
Metal symphonic deathcore 123 bpm
Metal symphonic melodic death metal 101 bpm
Metal symphonic metal 120 bpm
Metal symphonic power metal 117 bpm
Metal taiwan metal 135 bpm
technical black metal
Metal technical brutal death metal 140 bpm
Metal technical death metal 100 bpm
Metal technical deathcore 137 bpm
technical grindcore
technical groove metal
technical melodic death metal
technical thrash
Metal tennessee metal 122 bpm
Metal texas death metal 111 bpm
Metal texas hardcore 118 bpm
Metal texas metal 102 bpm
Metal thai metal 131 bpm
Metal thall 126 bpm
Metal thrash core 123 bpm
thrash metal
thrash-groove metal
tolkien metal
Metal trancecore 139 bpm
Metal trap metal italiana 113 bpm
Metal tribute 98 bpm
tunisian alternative
Metal turkce trap metal 129 bpm
Metal turkish black metal 159 bpm
turkish death metal
Metal turkish metal 153 bpm
Metal uae indie 115 bpm
Metal uk doom metal 100 bpm
Metal uk metalcore 132 bpm
uk post-metal
Metal uk82 138 bpm
Metal ukhc 116 bpm
Metal ukrainian black metal 121 bpm
Metal ukrainian metal 114 bpm
Metal ukrainian metalcore 111 bpm
umea hardcore
Metal us power metal 155 bpm
Metal usbm 104 bpm
utah metal
Metal vancouver metal 117 bpm
vegan straight edge
viking black metal
viking metal
virginia metal
Metal virginia punk 102 bpm
Metal vocaloid metal 127 bpm
Metal voidgaze 91 bpm
Metal welsh metal 187 bpm
west virginia metal
Metal western ny metal 165 bpm
Metal wisconsin metal 121 bpm
Metal wrestling 122 bpm
xtra raw