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Easy listening music, with its soothing melodies and relaxing vibes, provides the perfect soundtrack for unwinding after a long day or creating a tranquil atmosphere in any setting. Rooted in genres such as pop, jazz, and classical, easy listening music encompasses a wide range of styles and moods, from gentle ballads and smooth jazz to ambient electronic and instrumental covers. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate world of easy listening music, examining the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre.

I. Instruments in Easy Listening Music:

  1. Piano: The Essence of Relaxation
    • The piano is a central instrument in easy listening music, providing the soothing melodies and gentle harmonies that create a sense of relaxation and tranquility.
    • From the delicate arpeggios of a solo piano piece to the lush chords of a piano-led ensemble, the piano sets the tone for easy listening music and invites listeners to unwind and de-stress.
  2. String Instruments: Adding Warmth and Depth
    • String instruments such as the violin, cello, and guitar are often featured in easy listening music, adding warmth and depth to the arrangement.
    • Whether it's the soaring melodies of a violin solo or the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar, string instruments evoke a sense of intimacy and comfort in easy listening music compositions.
  3. Wind Instruments: Creating a Sense of Serenity
    • Wind instruments such as the flute, saxophone, and clarinet contribute to the tranquil atmosphere of easy listening music, creating a sense of serenity and peace.
    • Whether it's the ethereal tones of a flute solo or the mellow timbre of a saxophone melody, wind instruments add a touch of elegance and sophistication to easy listening music compositions.
  4. Electronic Sounds: Setting the Mood
    • Electronic sounds and synthesizers are often used in easy listening music to create atmospheric textures and ambient soundscapes.
    • From the gentle washes of a synth pad to the pulsing rhythms of a downtempo beat, electronic sounds set the mood and enhance the immersive experience of easy listening music.
  5. Vocals: Conveying Emotion and Connection
    • Vocals play an important role in easy listening music, with singers using their voices to convey emotion, connection, and intimacy.
    • Whether it's the heartfelt lyrics of a ballad or the soothing croon of a jazz standard, vocals add a human element to easy listening music and invite listeners to connect on a deeper level.

II. Keys and Tempos in Easy Listening Music:

  1. Key Considerations
    • Easy listening music often explores a wide range of keys, drawing inspiration from various tonalities and harmonic progressions.
    • Key changes are used strategically to evoke different emotions and moods throughout a composition, with musicians often favoring keys that create a sense of warmth and comfort.
  2. The Tempo Factor
    • Tempos in easy listening music tend to be slow to moderate, creating a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere for listeners to enjoy.
    • Popular tempos include around 60-90 beats per minute (bpm) for ballads and 90-120 bpm for mid-tempo grooves, allowing listeners to unwind and de-stress at their own pace.

III. Common Elements in Easy Listening Music:

  1. Melodic Simplicity and Catchiness
    • Melodic simplicity and catchiness are common elements in easy listening music, with composers crafting memorable tunes that are easy to hum along to.
    • Whether it's the infectious hook of a pop ballad or the soothing refrain of a jazz standard, melodic simplicity and catchiness add emotional depth and resonance to easy listening music compositions.
  2. Harmonic Richness and Warmth
    • Harmonic richness and warmth are hallmark traits of easy listening music, with composers using lush chords and smooth progressions to create a sense of comfort and relaxation.
    • Whether it's the lush voicings of a jazz piano or the shimmering strings of an orchestral arrangement, harmonic richness and warmth envelop listeners in a cozy blanket of sound.
  3. Rhythmic Groove and Flow
    • Rhythmic groove and flow are essential aspects of easy listening music, with musicians crafting laid-back rhythms and gentle grooves that invite listeners to sway and sway.
    • Whether it's the subtle pulse of a bossa nova beat or the smooth swing of a jazz waltz, rhythmic groove and flow create a sense of movement and momentum in easy listening music compositions.
  4. Emotional Elevation and Relaxation
    • Emotional elevation and relaxation are central themes in easy listening music, with composers aiming to uplift listeners and create a sense of inner peace and tranquility.
    • Whether it's the bittersweet nostalgia of a love song or the gentle reassurance of a lullaby, easy listening music provides a sanctuary for listeners to escape the stresses of everyday life and find solace in the beauty of sound.


In conclusion, easy listening music is a soothing and comforting genre that provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life. From the gentle melodies of a solo piano piece to the lush arrangements of a full orchestra, easy listening music has the power to uplift the spirit, soothe the soul, and create a sense of calm and tranquility. By understanding the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre, listeners can immerse themselves in the beauty and serenity of easy listening music and find moments of peace and relaxation in the midst of a busy world.

We have analyzed a large amount of easy listening music Songs to give you an overview about key and tempo distributions in easy listening music. At the bottom of the page, you can find all sub-genres of easy listening music to get more details in specific sub-genres as the average tempo per genre.

Most used keys for Easy Listneing music

Most used fundamental keys for Easy Listneing music

Most used tempo/BPM for Easy Listneing music

List of Easy Listneing music subgenres with average tempo/bpm

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Subgenre Average Tempo
432hz 100 bpm
accordeon 111 bpm
acoustic guitar cover 115 bpm
adult standards 113 bpm
alpine yodeling 127 bpm
ambient worship 120 bpm
andean flute 120 bpm
animal singing
anime cv 120 bpm
anime piano 117 bpm
arpa paraguaya 117 bpm
australian children's music 126 bpm
australian comedy 115 bpm
bachchon ke geet 104 bpm
background jazz product 134 bpm
background piano 107 bpm
bajki 110 bpm
ballroom 112 bpm
band organ
bgm 101 bpm
big band 121 bpm
bisaya worship
blaskapelle 128 bpm
bornesange 99 bpm
bouyon 129 bpm
brass ensemble 99 bpm
british children's music 120 bpm
british dance band 120 bpm
british soundtrack 108 bpm
calypso 116 bpm
canadian children's music 119 bpm
canadian comedy 83 bpm
canadian soundtrack 109 bpm
cancoes infantis 116 bpm
cartoni animati 114 bpm
cartoon 122 bpm
chanson 119 bpm
chanson humoristique 115 bpm
children's choir 119 bpm
children's music 123 bpm
children's story 104 bpm
chill guitar 110 bpm
chillsynth 123 bpm
chinese bgm 110 bpm
chinese talent show 118 bpm
christian lo-fi 114 bpm
christmas instrumental 110 bpm
christmas product 125 bpm
circus 117 bpm
classic anime 128 bpm
classic girl group 120 bpm
classic soundtrack 104 bpm
cocuk masallari 109 bpm
college a cappella 117 bpm
comedienne 109 bpm
comptine 114 bpm
covertrance 128 bpm
cristiana para ninos 139 bpm
dainuojamoji poezija 136 bpm
dansei seiyu 124 bpm
dansk comedy
decije pesme
deep adult standards 113 bpm
deep comedy 100 bpm
deep eurodance 130 bpm
deep soundtrack 104 bpm
deep surf music 139 bpm
deep talent show 118 bpm
detski pesnichki
detskie rasskazy
dixieland 125 bpm
djecje pjesme 111 bpm
drama 116 bpm
dytyachi pisni
easy listening 114 bpm
electro swing 118 bpm
erotik 113 bpm
euphonium 115 bpm
exotica 117 bpm
french movie tunes 111 bpm
french soundtrack 109 bpm
fussball 114 bpm
german worship 132 bpm
gyerekdalok 142 bpm
halloween 109 bpm
harlem renaissance 124 bpm
histoire pour enfants
hoerspiel 102 bpm
hong kong tv drama
horror synth 116 bpm
hula 146 bpm
humour francais
indie game soundtrack 119 bpm
indonesian emo 144 bpm
instrumental acoustic guitar 100 bpm
instrumental surf 144 bpm
instrumental worship 111 bpm
italian library music 113 bpm
italian mandolin 113 bpm
italian soundtrack 119 bpm
japanese piano 111 bpm
japanese soundtrack 110 bpm
jazz clarinet 120 bpm
jazz orchestra 116 bpm
jazz trombone 114 bpm
kabarett 110 bpm
kinderchor 118 bpm
kindermusik 118 bpm
kleine hoerspiel 111 bpm
korean musicals 95 bpm
korean soundtrack 125 bpm
lasten satuja 114 bpm
latin soundtrack 107 bpm
lesen 115 bpm
library music 107 bpm
light music 91 bpm
lo-fi study 110 bpm
louange 92 bpm
lounge 118 bpm
mallsoft 112 bpm
man's orchestra 114 bpm
marimba de guatemala 75 bpm
marimba mexicana 159 bpm
marimba orquesta 157 bpm
minimal synth 121 bpm
mluvene slovo 125 bpm
modern big band 108 bpm
modern swing 135 bpm
moog 129 bpm
musica colombiana instrumental 96 bpm
musica infantil catala 120 bpm
musica per bambini 116 bpm
musik anak-anak 116 bpm
musique pour enfant quebecois 124 bpm
musique pour enfants 117 bpm
muzica copii 117 bpm
muzica usoara
muzika l'yeladim 129 bpm
nhac thieu nhi
noel quebecois
nursery 112 bpm
nz children's music 121 bpm
oceania soundtrack 101 bpm
oktoberfest 125 bpm
old west 112 bpm
oratory 101 bpm
otroske pesmice
paidika tragoudia 130 bpm
panpipe 108 bpm
pianissimo 93 bpm
piano cover 113 bpm
piano worship 128 bpm
polka 139 bpm
pop violin 114 bpm
pops orchestra 127 bpm
preschool children's music 124 bpm
reading 105 bpm
ringtone 150 bpm
romantico 116 bpm
salon music 85 bpm
scorecore 123 bpm
sda a cappella 124 bpm
seiyu 133 bpm
show tunes 117 bpm
soundtrack 108 bpm
spytrack 120 bpm
staff band 82 bpm
stride 139 bpm
stubenmusik 110 bpm
sung poetry
swing 117 bpm
swing italiano 104 bpm
swing revival 119 bpm
tanzorchester 111 bpm
theme 124 bpm
tin pan alley 104 bpm
ukulele 123 bpm
ukulele cover 122 bpm
vaikiskos dainos
viet lo-fi 124 bpm
vintage broadway 100 bpm
vintage chanson 110 bpm
vintage hawaiian 98 bpm
vintage hollywood 114 bpm
vintage italian soundtrack 109 bpm
vintage radio show
vintage schlager 120 bpm
vintage swing
vocal harmony group 113 bpm
volksmusik 123 bpm
volkstumliche musik 117 bpm
waiata mo tamariki 101 bpm
west end 114 bpm
writing 115 bpm
zither 96 bpm