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Pop music, with its infectious melodies and catchy hooks, has dominated the airwaves for decades, captivating audiences worldwide. Behind its seemingly simple facade lies a complex web of musical elements carefully crafted to evoke emotions and drive listeners to dance and sing along. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate world of pop music, analyzing the instruments, keys, tempos, and common chord progressions that define the genre.

I. Instruments in Pop Music:

  1. The Power of the Beat: Drums and Percussion
    • The rhythmic backbone of pop music is often provided by drums and percussion instruments.
    • From the crisp snare hits to the booming bass kicks, these elements drive the tempo and energy of the song.
  2. Harmonic Foundation: Keyboards and Synthesizers
    • Keyboards and synthesizers play a pivotal role in shaping the harmonic structure of pop songs.
    • They provide lush chords, captivating melodies, and atmospheric textures that enhance the overall sound.
  3. Groove and Rhythm: Bass Guitar
    • The bass guitar forms the foundation of the rhythm section, providing a solid groove that anchors the song.
    • Its melodic and rhythmic interplay with the drums creates a dynamic pulse that keeps listeners engaged.
  4. Melodic Hooks: Guitars and Keyboards
    • Guitars and keyboards often take center stage, providing memorable riffs and melodies that hook listeners from the first note.
    • Whether it's a soaring guitar solo or a shimmering synth line, these instruments add depth and character to the music.
  5. Color and Texture: Strings and Brass
    • Strings and brass instruments are used to add richness and depth to pop music arrangements.
    • Whether it's lush string pads or punchy horn sections, these elements elevate the emotional impact of the song.

II. Keys and Tempos in Pop Music:

  1. Key Considerations
    • Pop music often utilizes keys that are accessible and familiar to a wide audience.
    • Commonly used keys include C major, G major, D major, and A major, which are known for their bright and uplifting qualities.
  2. The Tempo Factor
    • Tempos in pop music can vary widely, ranging from slow ballads to upbeat dance tracks.
    • Popular tempos include around 100-120 beats per minute (bpm) for mid-tempo songs and 120-140 bpm for faster-paced tracks.

III. Common Chord Progressions in Pop Music:

  1. The Versatile I-IV-V Progression
    • Perhaps the most ubiquitous chord progression in pop music is the I-IV-V progression.
    • This simple yet effective sequence forms the backbone of countless hit songs, offering a familiar and satisfying harmonic structure.
  2. Embracing the Popularity of the I-V-vi-IV Progression
    • Another widely used progression is the I-V-vi-IV, often referred to as the "pop punk" or "four-chord" progression.
    • This sequence, popularized by artists like Green Day and The Beatles, has become synonymous with catchy, sing-along anthems.
  3. Adding Depth with Modal Interchange
    • Pop songwriters often incorporate modal interchange to add depth and complexity to their chord progressions.
    • By borrowing chords from related keys or modes, such as using a minor iv chord in a major key progression, composers can create unexpected harmonic twists that captivate listeners.
  4. Exploring Chromaticism and Secondary Dominants
    • Chromaticism and secondary dominants are techniques used to spice up pop chord progressions.
    • Whether it's adding a chromatic passing chord or introducing a secondary dominant to create tension and resolution, these tools are essential for crafting memorable and engaging songs.


In conclusion, pop music is a multifaceted genre that thrives on the interplay of instruments, keys, tempos, and chord progressions. From the driving beat of the drums to the soaring melodies of the guitars, every element works in harmony to create songs that resonate with audiences around the world. By understanding the underlying principles of pop music theory, aspiring musicians and songwriters can unlock the secrets to crafting timeless hits that stand the test of time. So next time you find yourself singing along to your favorite pop song, take a moment to appreciate the intricate craftsmanship that goes into making it a musical masterpiece.

We have analyzed a large amount of Pop Songs to give you an overview about key and tempo distributions in Pop songs. At the bottom of the page, you can find all sub-genres of Pop to get more details in specific sub-genres as the average tempo per genre.

Most used keys for Pop music

Most used fundamental keys for Pop music

Most used tempo/BPM for Pop music

List of Pop music subgenres with average tempo/bpm

Klick on the subgenre to get detailed statistics for harmonic and tempo distribubion of the subgenre.
Subgenre Average Tempo
48g 136 bpm
5th gen k-pop 180 bpm
acoustic chill 117 bpm
acoustic cover 118 bpm
acoustic opm 117 bpm
acoustic pop 118 bpm
adivasi pop 138 bpm
adoracao 127 bpm
afghan pop 124 bpm
afropop 117 bpm
aghani lil-atfal
ai 111 bpm
albanian pop 120 bpm
alt z 120 bpm
alt-idol 146 bpm
alternative pop 127 bpm
ambient pop 115 bpm
amharic pop 123 bpm
anime 126 bpm
anime game 175 bpm
anime score 113 bpm
antiviral pop 125 bpm
arab experimental
arab groove 116 bpm
arab pop 124 bpm
arabic instrumental 110 bpm
argentine telepop 125 bpm
armenian pop 129 bpm
art pop 117 bpm
arunachal indie 88 bpm
assamese pop 117 bpm
assyrian pop 118 bpm
austin singer-songwriter 116 bpm
australian alternative pop 122 bpm
australian electropop 121 bpm
australian pop 116 bpm
australian talent show 124 bpm
austrian pop 124 bpm
austropop 122 bpm
auteur-compositeur-interprete quebecois 114 bpm
azeri pop 110 bpm
bahamian pop 126 bpm
balochi pop 139 bpm
bangla pop 104 bpm
banjara pop 131 bpm
barbadian pop 119 bpm
barnalog 97 bpm
barnmusik 117 bpm
baroque pop 121 bpm
bedroom pop 118 bpm
belarusian pop 123 bpm
belgian dance 134 bpm
belgian pop 121 bpm
belgian singer-songwriter 115 bpm
belly dance 120 bpm
beninese pop 103 bpm
bhojpuri pop 123 bpm
birthday 118 bpm
bisaya indie 138 bpm
bitpop 130 bpm
bmore 128 bpm
bodo pop
bohol indie
bosnian pop 122 bpm
bossbeat 122 bpm
botswana pop 119 bpm
bow pop 117 bpm
boy band 119 bpm
boy pop 119 bpm
bozlak 127 bpm
brass band pop 122 bpm
brill building pop 120 bpm
britpop 123 bpm
broadway 114 bpm
bruneian pop 115 bpm
bubblegum bass 132 bpm
bubblegum dance 129 bpm
bubblegum pop 125 bpm
bulgarian pop 126 bpm
burkinabe pop
burmese pop 119 bpm
burundian pop 137 bpm
c-pop 126 bpm
c-pop girl group 132 bpm
cambodian pop 120 bpm
cameroonian pop 116 bpm
campursari 131 bpm
canadian ccm 123 bpm
canadian electropop 122 bpm
canadian pop 120 bpm
canadian pop punk 132 bpm
candy pop 127 bpm
cantaditas 138 bpm
cantopop 128 bpm
cape town indie 120 bpm
carnaval 133 bpm
ccm 122 bpm
cerkes muzikleri 124 bpm
chaabi marocain 112 bpm
chakma pop
chamber pop 118 bpm
chamorro pop 133 bpm
channel pop 117 bpm
chanson virale 125 bpm
chasidic pop 133 bpm
chechen pop 138 bpm
chhattisgarhi pop 103 bpm
chill dream pop 125 bpm
chill pop 117 bpm
chinese audiophile 125 bpm
chinese drama ost 121 bpm
chinese electropop 124 bpm
chinese experimental
chinese hyperpop 121 bpm
chinese idol pop 123 bpm
chinese indie 122 bpm
chinese indie pop 122 bpm
chinese instrumental 90 bpm
chinese manyao 122 bpm
chinese minyao 120 bpm
chinese new year
chinese singer-songwriter 121 bpm
chinese soundtrack 112 bpm
chinese viral pop 128 bpm
chinese worship 120 bpm
christelijk 116 bpm
christian music 125 bpm
christian pop 118 bpm
city pop 118 bpm
classic arab pop 117 bpm
classic assamese pop
classic azeri pop 107 bpm
classic bangla pop 112 bpm
classic belgian pop 124 bpm
classic bulgarian pop 183 bpm
classic cantopop 116 bpm
classic city pop 120 bpm
classic colombian pop 124 bpm
classic country pop 117 bpm
classic czech pop 120 bpm
classic danish pop 120 bpm
classic disco polo 132 bpm
classic dutch pop 112 bpm
classic finnish pop 122 bpm
classic french pop 119 bpm
classic greek pop 120 bpm
classic hungarian pop 125 bpm
classic icelandic pop 135 bpm
classic indo pop 112 bpm
classic iskelma 121 bpm
classic israeli pop 118 bpm
classic italian folk pop 115 bpm
classic italian pop 116 bpm
classic j-pop 123 bpm
classic k-pop 121 bpm
classic kollywood 120 bpm
classic konkani pop 124 bpm
classic korean pop 124 bpm
classic latvian pop 104 bpm
classic malaysian pop 118 bpm
classic mandopop 124 bpm
classic moroccan pop 116 bpm
classic nepali pop 127 bpm
classic norwegian pop 119 bpm
classic nz pop 110 bpm
classic pakistani pop 117 bpm
classic persian pop 120 bpm
classic peruvian pop 113 bpm
classic polish pop 119 bpm
classic portuguese pop 123 bpm
classic punjabi pop 115 bpm
classic romanian pop 122 bpm
classic russian pop 126 bpm
classic schlager 121 bpm
classic sinhala pop 107 bpm
classic sudanese pop 96 bpm
classic swedish pop 121 bpm
classic thai pop 116 bpm
classic tollywood 110 bpm
classic tunisian pop
classic turkish pop 116 bpm
classic uk pop 120 bpm
classic ukrainian pop 96 bpm
classic venezuelan pop 121 bpm
cleveland indie 124 bpm
cocuk sarkilari 122 bpm
collage pop 106 bpm
colombian pop 123 bpm
comedie musicale 117 bpm
concurso de talentos argentino 124 bpm
cook islands pop 117 bpm
coptic hymn 100 bpm
country pop 123 bpm
coventry indie 126 bpm
cover acustico 117 bpm
croatian pop 126 bpm
cumbia pop 120 bpm
cypriot pop 124 bpm
czech pop 126 bpm
czsk electropop 140 bpm
czsk hyperpop 141 bpm
czsk viral pop 133 bpm
dabke 111 bpm
dakke dak 125 bpm
dance pop 119 bpm
dancehall mauricien 111 bpm
dancehall queen 117 bpm
dangdut remix 127 bpm
danish electropop 123 bpm
danish indie pop 113 bpm
danish pop 118 bpm
danseband 138 bpm
dark pop 121 bpm
dark synthpop 124 bpm
deep acoustic pop 118 bpm
deep brazilian pop 120 bpm
deep ccm 121 bpm
deep dance pop 125 bpm
deep discofox 132 bpm
deep indie pop
deep italo disco 114 bpm
deep neo-synthpop 122 bpm
deep pop emo 140 bpm
deep turkish pop 120 bpm
denpa-kei 137 bpm
desi pop 113 bpm
dikir barat 154 bpm
disco polo 133 bpm
discofox 132 bpm
dogri pop 173 bpm
dominican pop 126 bpm
draga 122 bpm
drain 126 bpm
dream pop 123 bpm
drikkelek 134 bpm
dutch cabaret 123 bpm
dutch idol pop 121 bpm
dutch musical 124 bpm
dutch pop 119 bpm
dutch rap pop 112 bpm
early synthpop 130 bpm
ecuadorian pop 121 bpm
egyptian alternative 120 bpm
egyptian pop 117 bpm
egyptian viral pop 117 bpm
electra 124 bpm
electropop 122 bpm
electropowerpop 134 bpm
emoplugg 130 bpm
epic collage
er ge 107 bpm
erhu 93 bpm
eritrean pop 85 bpm
erotica 120 bpm
escape room 123 bpm
estonian indie 119 bpm
estonian pop 127 bpm
etherpop 116 bpm
ethiopian pop 175 bpm
eurobeat 149 bpm
eurodance 131 bpm
europop 121 bpm
experimental club 133 bpm
experimental pop 119 bpm
fake 127 bpm
fan chant 113 bpm
faroese pop 117 bpm
fijian pop 102 bpm
finnish dance pop 125 bpm
finnish idol pop 130 bpm
finnish pop 132 bpm
fluxwork 123 bpm
fo jing 102 bpm
folk-pop 116 bpm
fotbollslatar 124 bpm
french folk pop 133 bpm
french indie pop 118 bpm
french pop 118 bpm
french synthpop 123 bpm
funk evangelico 140 bpm
funk pop 126 bpm
funk rj 125 bpm
furry 125 bpm
future funk 123 bpm
futurepop 129 bpm
fvnky rimex 132 bpm
gabonese pop 125 bpm
gaddiyali pop
gambian pop 136 bpm
game mood 124 bpm
garage pop 118 bpm
garhwali pop 124 bpm
garo pop
gauze pop 121 bpm
geinin song 113 bpm
gen z singer-songwriter 119 bpm
georgian alternative
georgian pop 116 bpm
german dance 127 bpm
german hyperpop 126 bpm
german indie pop 120 bpm
german pop 121 bpm
german show tunes 116 bpm
german singer-songwriter 124 bpm
german soundtrack 105 bpm
ghanaian pop 112 bpm
girl group 120 bpm
glee club 126 bpm
glitch pop 129 bpm
gospel amapiano 107 bpm
gotlandsk musik 130 bpm
grave wave 123 bpm
greek pop 124 bpm
greenlandic pop 156 bpm
grunge pop 129 bpm
grunneger muziek 105 bpm
guatemalan pop 119 bpm
guinean pop 116 bpm
gujarati pop 122 bpm
guyanese pop 118 bpm
hands up 135 bpm
hardvapour 119 bpm
haryanvi pop 121 bpm
hausa pop 125 bpm
hazaragi pop
himachali pop 124 bpm
hk-pop 127 bpm
hmong pop 119 bpm
hokkaido indie 128 bpm
hokkien pop 103 bpm
hollywood 119 bpm
hong kong indie 122 bpm
hopebeat 123 bpm
hungarian pop 124 bpm
huzunlu sarkilar 121 bpm
hyperpop 128 bpm
hyperpop brasileiro 125 bpm
hyperpop en espanol 132 bpm
hyperpop francais 125 bpm
hyperpop italiano 131 bpm
hypnagogic pop 122 bpm
icelandic pop 121 bpm
icelandic singer-songwriter 138 bpm
idol 126 bpm
idol game 119 bpm
idol kayo 123 bpm
igbo pop 126 bpm
ilocano pop 114 bpm
indie cristao 107 bpm
indie dream pop 124 bpm
indie electropop 121 bpm
indie fuzzpop 112 bpm
indie nica 107 bpm
indie pop 120 bpm
indie poptimism 119 bpm
indie psych-pop 128 bpm
indie veneto 132 bpm
indietronica 123 bpm
indonesian city pop 124 bpm
indonesian folk pop 122 bpm
indonesian hyperpop 136 bpm
indonesian idol pop 133 bpm
indonesian indie pop 119 bpm
indonesian lo-fi pop 108 bpm
indonesian pop 122 bpm
indonesian pop punk 138 bpm
indonesian singer-songwriter 132 bpm
indonesian viral pop 119 bpm
industrial pop 124 bpm
inuit pop 123 bpm
irish pop 118 bpm
iskelma 125 bpm
israeli mediterranean 124 bpm
israeli pop 118 bpm
italian adult pop 120 bpm
italian indie pop 116 bpm
italian pop 122 bpm
italian pop punk 137 bpm
italo beats 130 bpm
italo dance 131 bpm
italo disco 119 bpm
j-acoustic 116 bpm
j-division 119 bpm
j-idol 134 bpm
j-indie 128 bpm
j-pixie 124 bpm
j-pop 124 bpm
j-pop boy group 125 bpm
j-pop girl group 125 bpm
j-reggae 122 bpm
jacksonville indie 123 bpm
jain bhajan 91 bpm
jalsat 132 bpm
jamaican dancehall 116 bpm
jangle pop 126 bpm
japanese alternative pop 117 bpm
japanese bedroom pop 118 bpm
japanese celtic
japanese dance pop 123 bpm
japanese dream pop 127 bpm
japanese electropop 124 bpm
japanese emo 135 bpm
japanese hyperpop 159 bpm
japanese indie pop 118 bpm
japanese new wave 127 bpm
japanese pop punk 134 bpm
japanese post-hardcore
japanese rockabilly 116 bpm
japanese shoegaze 130 bpm
japanese singer-songwriter 114 bpm
japanese ska 132 bpm
japanese teen pop 126 bpm
japanese viral pop 129 bpm
japanese vtuber 130 bpm
jazz pop 110 bpm
jersey club 136 bpm
jewish pop 122 bpm
jordanian pop 148 bpm
joseon pop 145 bpm
junior songfestival 114 bpm
k-indie 116 bpm
k-pop 120 bpm
k-pop ballad 122 bpm
k-pop boy group 124 bpm
k-pop girl group 123 bpm
k-pop reality show 125 bpm
kabyle 149 bpm
kabyle moderne
kannada bhava geethe 130 bpm
kannada pop 121 bpm
kansas indie 123 bpm
karadeniz pop 122 bpm
karadeniz turkuleri 120 bpm
karaoke 134 bpm
karbi pop
karen pop 141 bpm
kashmiri pop 127 bpm
kavkaz 123 bpm
kayokyoku 131 bpm
kazakh pop 115 bpm
kazakh viral pop
kenyan pop 127 bpm
kermis 141 bpm
keroncong 88 bpm
khaleeji iraqi 124 bpm
khaliji 132 bpm
khandeshi pop 144 bpm
khasi pop
khortha pop 95 bpm
kikuyu pop
kinnauri pop 161 bpm
kodomo no ongaku 117 bpm
kokborok pop 116 bpm
kollywood 130 bpm
konkani pop 126 bpm
korean bl ost 121 bpm
korean city pop 110 bpm
korean dream pop 131 bpm
korean electropop 118 bpm
korean hyperpop 127 bpm
korean ost 124 bpm
korean pop 117 bpm
korean singer-songwriter 124 bpm
korean superband 121 bpm
korean talent show 103 bpm
kosovan pop 120 bpm
kumaoni pop
kumauni pop
kurdish pop 112 bpm
kurdish remix 122 bpm
kyrgyz pop 108 bpm
la indie 123 bpm
la pop 120 bpm
lagu bali 133 bpm
lagu jawa 121 bpm
lagu madura
lagu melayu 121 bpm
lagu sabahan 140 bpm
lagu sunda 121 bpm
lagu tarling 117 bpm
lagu timur 117 bpm
lao pop
latin arena pop 125 bpm
latin viral pop 123 bpm
latvian indie 133 bpm
latvian pop 123 bpm
laulaja-lauluntekija 130 bpm
lds youth 117 bpm
lebanese pop 128 bpm
leipzig indie 104 bpm
lezginka 116 bpm
liberian pop
libyan pop 143 bpm
limerick indie 137 bpm
lithuanian pop 123 bpm
lo-fi chill 115 bpm
lo-fi product 123 bpm
lustrum 133 bpm
luxembourgian pop 127 bpm
macau pop
macedonian pop 141 bpm
mahraganat 116 bpm
mainland chinese pop 118 bpm
malagasy pop 105 bpm
malawian pop 102 bpm
malayalam cover 107 bpm
malayalam indie 111 bpm
malayalam pop 121 bpm
malayalam worship 115 bpm
malaysian indie 124 bpm
malaysian mandopop 124 bpm
malaysian pop 128 bpm
malaysian tamil pop 121 bpm
maldivian pop
maltese pop 123 bpm
maluku pop 133 bpm
mande pop 127 bpm
mandopop 124 bpm
manipuri pop 115 bpm
marathi pop 119 bpm
marathi remix 127 bpm
marwadi pop 119 bpm
math pop 114 bpm
mega funk 124 bpm
melanesian pop 127 bpm
melodipop 119 bpm
meme 127 bpm
men chika 117 bpm
mewati pop 117 bpm
mexican pop 126 bpm
meyxana 143 bpm
milan indie 124 bpm
mising pop
mizo pop 95 bpm
mizrahi 127 bpm
modern alternative pop 122 bpm
modern bhajan 118 bpm
modern country pop 123 bpm
modern dream pop 121 bpm
modern enka 119 bpm
modern indie pop 122 bpm
modern jangle pop 117 bpm
modern power pop 119 bpm
modern uplift
moldovan pop 126 bpm
mollywood 121 bpm
mongolian pop
montenegrin pop 132 bpm
montreal indie 119 bpm
moroccan pop 117 bpm
movie tunes 116 bpm
multidisciplinary 120 bpm
musica acoriana
musical advocacy 111 bpm
musiqi-ye zanan 117 bpm
musique mariage algerien 127 bpm
muziek voor kinderen 123 bpm
nagpuri pop 135 bpm
namibian pop 116 bpm
nasyid 113 bpm
neapolitan funk 115 bpm
nederpop 125 bpm
neo-manele 121 bpm
neo-singer-songwriter 119 bpm
neo-synthpop 117 bpm
neomelodici 121 bpm
neon pop punk 135 bpm
nepali pop 114 bpm
neue deutsche welle 129 bpm
neue neue deutsche welle 131 bpm
new beat 125 bpm
new italo disco 120 bpm
new wave pop 120 bpm
newcastle nsw indie 123 bpm
ney 110 bpm
nigerian pop 113 bpm
nightcore 131 bpm
nijisanji 125 bpm
nohay 107 bpm
noise pop 128 bpm
nordic shoegaze 120 bpm
nordnorsk musikk 130 bpm
northwest china indie
norwegian pop 120 bpm
nova musica maranhense 131 bpm
nyc pop 118 bpm
nz pop 117 bpm
odia pop 120 bpm
oeteldonk 65 bpm
okinawan pop 122 bpm
operatic pop 108 bpm
opm 121 bpm
orebro indie 127 bpm
oromo pop
oshare kei 121 bpm
oslo indie 120 bpm
otacore 126 bpm
oyun havasi 126 bpm
p-pop 119 bpm
pacific islands pop 118 bpm
pahadi pop 156 bpm
pakistani pop 121 bpm
palestinian pop 120 bpm
panamanian pop 119 bpm
partyschlager 138 bpm
pashto pop 143 bpm
persian pop 126 bpm
picopop 116 bpm
pinoy city pop 117 bpm
pinoy idol pop
pinoy indie 119 bpm
pinoy pop punk 149 bpm
pinoy singer-songwriter 114 bpm
piratenmuziek 121 bpm
pixel 129 bpm
png pop
polish pop 125 bpm
polish reggae 134 bpm
polish synthpop 127 bpm
polish viral pop 128 bpm
pop 120 bpm
pop boliviano 116 bpm
pop cristiano 122 bpm
pop dance 123 bpm
pop lgbtq+ brasileira 125 bpm
pop minang 132 bpm
pop nacional 123 bpm
pop quebecois 124 bpm
pop rap brasileiro 110 bpm
pop rock brasileiro 130 bpm
pop teen brasileiro 122 bpm
pop virale italiano 116 bpm
popwave 122 bpm
portuguese pop 122 bpm
post-teen pop 121 bpm
pov: indie 123 bpm
power pop 131 bpm
proto-hyperpop 126 bpm
psychedelic pop 120 bpm
puerto rican pop 125 bpm
pune indie 158 bpm
punjabi pop 115 bpm
purulia pop 135 bpm
rai 104 bpm
rai algerien 101 bpm
rajasthani pop 114 bpm
ramonescore 137 bpm
rap maroc 123 bpm
reggae fusion 119 bpm
remix product 148 bpm
rennes indie 109 bpm
reunion pop 130 bpm
rif 118 bpm
rochester mn indie 123 bpm
romanian pop 123 bpm
russian alt pop 123 bpm
russian ccm 109 bpm
russian dance pop 129 bpm
russian drain 131 bpm
russian hyperpop 133 bpm
russian pop 121 bpm
russian pop punk 149 bpm
russian synthpop 112 bpm
russian viral pop 119 bpm
ruta destroy 136 bpm
rwandan pop 118 bpm
ryukyu ongaku
sambalpuri pop 114 bpm
samoan pop 128 bpm
san diego indie 122 bpm
san marcos tx indie 126 bpm
santa fe indie
santali pop 124 bpm
saraiki pop 120 bpm
scandipop 122 bpm
schlager 126 bpm
sepedi pop 131 bpm
sertanejo pop 132 bpm
sesotho pop
seychelles pop
shaabi 112 bpm
shabad 110 bpm
shamisen 136 bpm
shatta 118 bpm
sheilat 86 bpm
shibuya-kei 123 bpm
shimmer pop 119 bpm
shimmer psych 120 bpm
shiver pop 126 bpm
shojo 127 bpm
shonen 124 bpm
sierra leonean pop 117 bpm
singaporean indie 119 bpm
singaporean mandopop 119 bpm
singaporean pop 122 bpm
singaporean punk 185 bpm
singaporean singer-songwriter 122 bpm
singer-songwriter pop 120 bpm
sinhala indie 125 bpm
sinhala pop 136 bpm
sinogaze 126 bpm
sirmauri pop
slaskie piosenki 133 bpm
slovak pop 126 bpm
slovenian pop 146 bpm
slowed and reverb 126 bpm
socal indie 127 bpm
socal pop punk 134 bpm
social media pop 125 bpm
soda pop
solomon islands pop 175 bpm
somali pop 112 bpm
sophisti-pop 119 bpm
sorani pop 108 bpm
south african pop 121 bpm
south dakota indie 142 bpm
south sudanese pop 120 bpm
soviet synthpop 125 bpm
space age pop 116 bpm
spanish electropop 134 bpm
spanish indie pop 126 bpm
spanish noise pop 120 bpm
spanish pop 122 bpm
spanish synthpop 126 bpm
spectra 127 bpm
sped up 124 bpm
speed up turkce 125 bpm
stockholm indie 126 bpm
stomp and whittle 123 bpm
stomp pop 121 bpm
streektaal 158 bpm
strut 121 bpm
sudanese pop 125 bpm
sunshine pop 118 bpm
super eurobeat 143 bpm
surinamese pop
swamp pop 104 bpm
swazi pop 120 bpm
swedish electropop 125 bpm
swedish eurodance 124 bpm
swedish folk pop 126 bpm
swedish idol pop 122 bpm
swedish indie pop 117 bpm
swedish pop 121 bpm
swedish synthpop 119 bpm
swedish trap pop 119 bpm
swiss pop 115 bpm
synth funk 112 bpm
synthpop 133 bpm
synthwave 124 bpm
syrian pop 108 bpm
t-pop 144 bpm
t-pop boy group
t-pop girl group 124 bpm
taiwan idol pop 116 bpm
taiwan indie 114 bpm
taiwan instrumental 113 bpm
taiwan pop 126 bpm
taiwan singer-songwriter 124 bpm
taiwanese indie
taiwanese pop
tajik pop 145 bpm
talent show 120 bpm
talentkonkurranse 122 bpm
talentkonkurrence 118 bpm
talentschau 120 bpm
tamil pop 120 bpm
tampa indie 116 bpm
tanzanian pop 118 bpm
taraneem 108 bpm
tassie indie 118 bpm
tatar pop 115 bpm
techno kayo 156 bpm
teen pop 116 bpm
telugu remix 133 bpm
tempe indie 121 bpm
thai bl ost 115 bpm
thai folk pop 131 bpm
thai indie pop 123 bpm
thai ost 117 bpm
thai pop 118 bpm
thai teen pop 114 bpm
thai viral pop 123 bpm
tibetan folk pop
tibetan pop 101 bpm
tigrigna pop
togolese pop 111 bpm
tongan pop 118 bpm
tontipop 129 bpm
touhou 143 bpm
transpop 127 bpm
trondersk musikk 141 bpm
trot 125 bpm
tunisian pop 104 bpm
turin indie 95 bpm
turk sanat muzigi 120 bpm
turkce remix 124 bpm
turkce slow sarkilar 124 bpm
turkish alt pop 118 bpm
turkish alternative 123 bpm
turkish pop 122 bpm
turkish psych 111 bpm
turkish reggae 160 bpm
turkish singer-songwriter 124 bpm
turkish soundtrack 122 bpm
turkish trap pop 120 bpm
turkmen pop 118 bpm
twee pop 125 bpm
ugandan pop 104 bpm
uk alternative pop 121 bpm
uk pop 118 bpm
uk worship 128 bpm
ukrainian folk pop 127 bpm
ukrainian phonk 128 bpm
ukrainian pop 121 bpm
ukrainian viral pop 128 bpm
ulkucu sarkilar 105 bpm
underground power pop 124 bpm
uyghur pop 104 bpm
uzbek pop 115 bpm
v-pop 120 bpm
vapor pop 117 bpm
vaporwave 123 bpm
variete francaise 109 bpm
venda pop 124 bpm
vienna indie 124 bpm
viet remix 131 bpm
vietnamese bolero 107 bpm
vietnamese idol pop 98 bpm
vietnamese pop 113 bpm
vietnamese singer-songwriter 136 bpm
vintage cantonese pop
vintage chinese pop
vintage dutch pop
vintage italian pop 106 bpm
vintage norwegian pop
vintage spanish pop 123 bpm
vintage swedish pop 129 bpm
vintage taiwan pop
vintage tollywood 114 bpm
viral afropop 116 bpm
viral pop 120 bpm
viral pop brasileiro 119 bpm
virgin islands reggae 124 bpm
vispop 114 bpm
visual kei 133 bpm
vlaamse cabaret 141 bpm
vlaamse kinderliedje 140 bpm
vocaloid 138 bpm
voetbal 146 bpm
vogue 129 bpm
volkspop 138 bpm
west bengali pop 105 bpm
workout product 138 bpm
worship 122 bpm
xitsonga pop 127 bpm
yakut pop
yaoi 115 bpm
yemeni pop 114 bpm
yuri 153 bpm
zambian pop 104 bpm
zcc 94 bpm
zespol dzieciecy 129 bpm
zhenskiy rep 126 bpm
zhongguo feng 122 bpm
zikir 105 bpm
zomi pop