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Every artist can be associated to more than one genre. Please take into account that the data is not always 100% accurate. Some songs could have been measured with double or half-time counting!

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Latin music, with its vibrant rhythms and infectious melodies, has captivated audiences around the world for generations. Rooted in a rich tapestry of cultural traditions and influences, Latin music encompasses a diverse array of styles and genres, from salsa and merengue to reggaeton and bachata. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate world of Latin music, examining the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define the genre.

I. Instruments in Latin Music:

  1. Percussion: The Heartbeat of Latin Music
    • Percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, and timbales are the heartbeat of Latin music, providing the driving rhythms and infectious grooves that define the genre.
    • From the syncopated patterns of salsa to the frenetic beats of reggaeton, percussion instruments play a central role in shaping the sound and feel of Latin music.
  2. Guitar: Strumming the Chords of Passion
    • The guitar is a ubiquitous instrument in Latin music, providing rhythmic accompaniment and melodic flourishes.
    • From the flamenco-inspired strumming of flamenco guitar to the nylon-stringed melodies of classical guitar, the guitar adds depth and color to Latin music arrangements.
  3. Brass and Wind Instruments: Adding Color and Texture
    • Brass and wind instruments such as trumpets, saxophones, and flutes are commonly used in Latin music to add color and texture to the arrangement.
    • Whether it's the soaring melodies of a trumpet solo or the soulful tones of a saxophone, these instruments elevate the emotional impact of the music.
  4. Keyboards and Accordions: Setting the Harmonic Foundation
    • Keyboards and accordions play a vital role in shaping the harmonic structure of Latin music, providing lush chords and melodic hooks.
    • From the bright and rhythmic chords of a piano to the playful melodies of an accordion, these instruments add depth and character to the music.
  5. Vocals: Expressing the Soul of Latin Music
    • Vocals are a central element of Latin music, with artists using their voices to express the passion, joy, and sorrow of the human experience.
    • From the powerful belting of salsa singers to the smooth crooning of bolero ballads, the vocals in Latin music are as diverse and dynamic as the genre itself.

II. Keys and Tempos in Latin Music:

  1. Key Considerations
    • Latin music often explores a wide range of keys, drawing inspiration from various musical traditions and cultural influences.
    • Key changes are used strategically to evoke different emotions and moods throughout a song, with artists often experimenting with unconventional chord progressions and harmonies.
  2. The Tempo Factor
    • Tempos in Latin music can vary widely, ranging from slow and sensual ballads to fast-paced and energetic dance tunes.
    • Popular tempos include around 80-100 beats per minute (bpm) for mid-tempo songs and 100-120 bpm for faster-paced tracks.

III. Common Elements in Latin Music:

  1. Rhythmic Complexity and Syncopation
    • Rhythmic complexity and syncopation are hallmarks of Latin music, with intricate polyrhythms and off-beat accents adding depth and excitement to the music.
    • From the driving clave rhythm of salsa to the syncopated patterns of bossa nova, Latin music is known for its infectious grooves and dynamic rhythms.
  2. Improvisation and Call-and-Response
    • Improvisation and call-and-response are common elements in Latin music, with musicians often engaging in spontaneous musical dialogue and exchange.
    • Whether it's a fiery trumpet solo or a playful exchange between singers and percussionists, improvisation adds a sense of spontaneity and creativity to Latin music performances.
  3. Melodic Ornamentation and Flourishes
    • Melodic ornamentation and flourishes are key features of Latin music, with musicians often embellishing melodies with trills, grace notes, and other decorative elements.
    • From the intricate runs of a flamenco guitar to the virtuosic solos of a salsa trumpet, melodic ornamentation adds flair and expression to Latin music performances.
  4. Cultural Fusion and Hybridity
    • Latin music is characterized by its rich cultural fusion and hybridity, with artists drawing inspiration from diverse musical traditions and genres.
    • Whether it's the Afro-Cuban rhythms of salsa or the Afro-Brazilian beats of samba, Latin music celebrates the interconnectedness of cultures and the power of musical collaboration.


In conclusion, Latin music is a vibrant and diverse genre that continues to captivate audiences around the world with its infectious rhythms and soulful melodies. From the pulsating beats of salsa to the romantic ballads of bolero, every element of Latin music reflects the rich tapestry of cultural traditions and influences that shape the genre. By understanding the instruments, keys, tempos, and common elements that define Latin music, aspiring artists and fans alike can gain a deeper appreciation for the music and its enduring legacy.

We have analyzed a large amount of Latin music Songs to give you an overview about key and tempo distributions in Latin music. At the bottom of the page, you can find all sub-genres of Latin music to get more details in specific sub-genres as the average tempo per genre.

Most used keys for Latin music

Most used fundamental keys for Latin music

Most used tempo/BPM for Latin music

List of Latin music subgenres with average tempo/bpm

Klick on the subgenre to get detailed statistics for harmonic and tempo distribubion of the subgenre.
Subgenre Average Tempo
adoracion 135 bpm
adoracion pentecostal 128 bpm
afro-cuban percussion 111 bpm
afrobeat brasileiro 123 bpm
afrobeat fusion 117 bpm
afrofuturismo brasileiro 117 bpm
aggro chileno 117 bpm
anime latino 130 bpm
argentine hardcore 121 bpm
argentine indie 118 bpm
argentine punk 139 bpm
argentine reggae 123 bpm
arpa grande 130 bpm
bachata 128 bpm
bachata dominicana 129 bpm
baiao 112 bpm
baja indie 128 bpm
bajan soca 131 bpm
banda 129 bpm
banda carnavalera 140 bpm
banda de viento 121 bpm
banda jalisciense 130 bpm
banda militar 122 bpm
banda peruana 121 bpm
bandolim 126 bpm
bandoneon 113 bpm
barcadi 115 bpm
bases de freestyle 114 bpm
bloco 123 bpm
blues latinoamericano 125 bpm
blues mexicano 119 bpm
bolero 117 bpm
bolero cubano 114 bpm
bolero mexicano 109 bpm
bomba 120 bpm
bomba y plena 110 bpm
boogaloo 120 bpm
boom bap espanol 106 bpm
bossa nova cover 119 bpm
brass band brasileiro 128 bpm
brazilian boogie 115 bpm
brazilian experimental 152 bpm
brazilian gospel 127 bpm
brazilian indie 120 bpm
brazilian percussion 112 bpm
brazilian ska 123 bpm
brega funk 130 bpm
brega paraense 166 bpm
brega saudade 123 bpm
canadian latin 123 bpm
cancion infantil mexicana 121 bpm
cancion melodica 120 bpm
candombe 127 bpm
cantautor 121 bpm
cantautor catala 132 bpm
cantautora argentina 123 bpm
cantautora mexicana 122 bpm
cante flamenco 127 bpm
canto popular uruguayo 108 bpm
canzone genovese 90 bpm
caracas indie 140 bpm
carimbo 112 bpm
carnaval cadiz 123 bpm
cdmx indie 135 bpm
cha-cha-cha 114 bpm
chamame 116 bpm
chamame brasilero
champeta 110 bpm
chanson paillarde 123 bpm
chant basque 120 bpm
charanga 108 bpm
charango 137 bpm
chicha 119 bpm
chihuahua indie 121 bpm
chilean hardcore 131 bpm
chilean indie 124 bpm
chilena 134 bpm
choro 103 bpm
choro contemporaneo 100 bpm
colombian hardcore 185 bpm
colombian indie 125 bpm
combos nacionales 129 bpm
comedia 116 bpm
concepcion indie 146 bpm
copla 110 bpm
cornetas y tambores 97 bpm
corrido 124 bpm
corridos cristianos 128 bpm
corridos tumbados 123 bpm
cuarteto 127 bpm
cuatro puertorriqueno
cuatro venezolano 107 bpm
cuban alternative 114 bpm
cuban funk 108 bpm
cuban rumba 113 bpm
cubaton 114 bpm
cueca chilena 116 bpm
cuento infantile 111 bpm
cumbia 118 bpm
cumbia 420 109 bpm
cumbia amazonica 118 bpm
cumbia andina mexicana 112 bpm
cumbia boliviana 122 bpm
cumbia chilena 115 bpm
cumbia colombiana regia 110 bpm
cumbia cristiana 109 bpm
cumbia del sureste 117 bpm
cumbia ecuatoriana 120 bpm
cumbia editada 123 bpm
cumbia funk 122 bpm
cumbia lagunera 126 bpm
cumbia paraguaya 111 bpm
cumbia peruana 116 bpm
cumbia ranchera 132 bpm
cumbia salvadorena 119 bpm
cumbia santafesina 122 bpm
cumbia sonidera 125 bpm
cumbia sonorense 126 bpm
cumbia surena 119 bpm
cumbia uruguaya 116 bpm
cumbia villera 119 bpm
dancehall chileno 122 bpm
dancehall colombiano 116 bpm
dancehall guyanaise 141 bpm
danzon 115 bpm
dark electro-industrial
deboxe 127 bpm
deep happy hardcore 149 bpm
deep latin alternative 111 bpm
deep latin christian 117 bpm
deep norteno 119 bpm
dembow 120 bpm
dembow dominicano 121 bpm
dominican indie 123 bpm
duranguense 138 bpm
electro bailando 117 bpm
electro latino 115 bpm
electronica argentina 127 bpm
electronica chilena 125 bpm
emo mexicano 140 bpm
euroska 137 bpm
euskal indie 104 bpm
euskal musica 104 bpm
euskal reggae 112 bpm
fado 119 bpm
festigal 112 bpm
finnish tango
flamenco 114 bpm
flamenco fusion 123 bpm
flamenco guitar 116 bpm
flamenco urbano 120 bpm
fogo pentecostal 111 bpm
folclor afrocolombiano 121 bpm
folclor colombiano 131 bpm
folclore castilla y leon
folclore extremeno
folclore jujeno 109 bpm
folclore navarra
folclore santiagueno 123 bpm
folclore tucumano 104 bpm
folk cantabria
folklore argentino 121 bpm
folklore boliviano 130 bpm
folklore chileno 122 bpm
folklore cuyano 151 bpm
folklore ecuatoriano 104 bpm
folklore nuevo argentino 121 bpm
folklore peruano 117 bpm
folklore uruguayo 115 bpm
folklore venezolano
folklore veracruzano 130 bpm
forro de favela 128 bpm
forro instrumental
forro tradicional 134 bpm
french reggae 118 bpm
frevo 155 bpm
funana 114 bpm
funk bh 109 bpm
funk capixaba 135 bpm
funk consciente 123 bpm
funk mandelao 123 bpm
funk mexicano 117 bpm
funk viral 121 bpm
gaita colombiana
gaita zuliana
galego 114 bpm
galician indie 122 bpm
garage rock mexicano 153 bpm
gogeo 129 bpm
gotico brasileiro
granada indie 133 bpm
grenada soca 137 bpm
groove gospel 140 bpm
grunge brasileiro 176 bpm
grupera 120 bpm
gruperas inmortales 115 bpm
grupero romantico 113 bpm
guadalajara indie 124 bpm
guaracha 130 bpm
guaracha santiaguena 119 bpm
guatemalan indie 114 bpm
guitarra andina 118 bpm
guitarra argentina
guitarra mexicana 119 bpm
guitarra portuguesa
haitian dance 129 bpm
haitian gospel 157 bpm
hard chime 117 bpm
hard rock brasileiro 128 bpm
hard rock mexicano 121 bpm
haur kantak
hinos ccb 123 bpm
huapango 121 bpm
huayno 122 bpm
huayno peruano 119 bpm
huayno popular 125 bpm
indie arequipeno 131 bpm
indie boliviano 108 bpm
indie campechano 111 bpm
indie canario 141 bpm
indie cantabria 133 bpm
indie catala 132 bpm
indie cordoba 105 bpm
indie extremena 133 bpm
indie hidalguense
indie hidrocalido 102 bpm
indie michoacano 134 bpm
indie nordeste argentino
indie platense 110 bpm
indie poblano 113 bpm
indie queretano
indie rock colombiano
indie rock mexicano 130 bpm
indie salvadoreno 113 bpm
indie sudcaliforniano 99 bpm
indie tico 133 bpm
indie triste 116 bpm
indie trujillano 82 bpm
indie tucumano
indie valenciana 120 bpm
italian ska 129 bpm
jazz caraibes 134 bpm
jazz chileno
jazz colombiano 123 bpm
jazz cover 126 bpm
jazz cubano 114 bpm
jazz dominicano 155 bpm
jazz mexicano 119 bpm
jazz tico
jovem guarda 118 bpm
kaseko 100 bpm
kizomba 128 bpm
kizomba antigas 129 bpm
kizomba cabo-verdiana 133 bpm
kompa 136 bpm
kompa chretien
kompa gouyad 147 bpm
lambadao 135 bpm
latin afrobeat 118 bpm
latin christian 123 bpm
latin funk 96 bpm
latin pop 122 bpm
latin shoegaze 122 bpm
latin ska 135 bpm
latin talent show 124 bpm
latin worship 120 bpm
latino comedy
latinx alternative 127 bpm
leon gto indie 125 bpm
lo-fi cover 112 bpm
louvor icm 118 bpm
louvores pentecostais 129 bpm
makina 129 bpm
malayalam madh 115 bpm
mambo 113 bpm
mambo chileno 113 bpm
manguebeat 127 bpm
manso indie 102 bpm
mariachi 122 bpm
mariachi cristiano 117 bpm
math rock latinoamericano
merengue 134 bpm
merengue tipico 134 bpm
merida indie 121 bpm
mestissatge 122 bpm
mexican hardcore 160 bpm
mexican indie 128 bpm
mexican pop punk 134 bpm
mexican rock-and-roll 117 bpm
mexican son 124 bpm
modern salsa 119 bpm
monterrey indie 118 bpm
morelos indie 121 bpm
mpb 119 bpm
mpb gospel 140 bpm
murcia indie 124 bpm
murga 116 bpm
musica aguascalentense 129 bpm
musica alagoana 132 bpm
musica amapaense
musica andina 116 bpm
musica andina chilena
musica andina colombiana 139 bpm
musica aragonesa 165 bpm
musica ayacuchana 116 bpm
musica baiana 116 bpm
musica bautista 131 bpm
musica campechana 114 bpm
musica canaria 100 bpm
musica capixaba 123 bpm
musica catalana 120 bpm
musica catarinense 106 bpm
musica cearense 115 bpm
musica chiapaneca 106 bpm
musica chihuahuense 120 bpm
musica coahuilense 99 bpm
musica colimense 116 bpm
musica costarricense 109 bpm
musica costena 120 bpm
musica crista reformada 117 bpm
musica cristiana guatemalteca 122 bpm
musica de intervencao 98 bpm
musica duranguense 128 bpm
musica evangelica instrumental 157 bpm
musica goiana 118 bpm
musica guineense
musica hondurena 121 bpm
musica indigena latinoamericana 124 bpm
musica infantil 124 bpm
musica istmena 132 bpm
musica jalisciense 128 bpm
musica jibara 127 bpm
musica juiz-forana 85 bpm
musica llanera 114 bpm
musica londrinense 92 bpm
musica mallorquina
musica mapuche 83 bpm
musica maranhense
musica mato-grossense
musica menorquina
musica mexicana 124 bpm
musica mexiquense 135 bpm
musica michoacana 161 bpm
musica mixteca 128 bpm
musica nayarita 134 bpm
musica neoleonesa 127 bpm
musica nicaraguense 131 bpm
musica nortena chilena 93 bpm
musica nublensina
musica oaxaquena 119 bpm
musica otavalena 116 bpm
musica para criancas 112 bpm
musica para ninos 124 bpm
musica paraibana 125 bpm
musica piauiense 123 bpm
musica pitiusa 126 bpm
musica poblana 105 bpm
musica ponta-grossense
musica popular amazonense 100 bpm
musica popular colombiana 125 bpm
musica popular mineira 122 bpm
musica popular paraense 117 bpm
musica popular uruguaya 124 bpm
musica potiguar 106 bpm
musica potosina 117 bpm
musica prehispanica
musica purepecha
musica queretana 122 bpm
musica quintanarroense 129 bpm
musica rapa nui 111 bpm
musica rondoniense 165 bpm
musica sergipana
musica sinfonica
musica sonorense 115 bpm
musica sul-mato-grossense 122 bpm
musica tabasquena 123 bpm
musica tamaulipeca 116 bpm
musica tlaxcalteca 143 bpm
musica tocantinense
musica tradicional cubana 112 bpm
musica tradicional dominicana
musica triste brasileira 117 bpm
musica tropical guatemalteca 118 bpm
musica urbana oaxaquena 127 bpm
musica wixarika
musica yucateca 128 bpm
musique guadeloupe 120 bpm
muzica populara
nederreggae 113 bpm
neo-psicodelia brasileira 111 bpm
neotango 117 bpm
new comedy 100 bpm
new mexico music 136 bpm
new tejano 123 bpm
no beat 127 bpm
norteno 122 bpm
norteno-sax 119 bpm
norwegian hardcore 141 bpm
nova canco 107 bpm
nova mpb 120 bpm
nova musica carioca 131 bpm
nova musica paulista 128 bpm
nova musica pernambucana 128 bpm
novo rock gaucho 102 bpm
novos talentos brasileiros 95 bpm
nu-cumbia 118 bpm
nueva cancion 112 bpm
nueva musica mexicana
nueva ola chilena 103 bpm
nueva ola peruana 99 bpm
nueva trova chilena 104 bpm
nuevo flamenco 120 bpm
nuevo folklore argentino 131 bpm
nuevo folklore mexicano 114 bpm
nuevo tango 104 bpm
oaxaca indie 130 bpm
orquesta cubana
orquesta tipica 109 bpm
orquesta tropical 155 bpm
orquestas de galicia 130 bpm
pagode 124 bpm
pagode baiano 134 bpm
pagode novo 129 bpm
panamanian indie 129 bpm
papuri 127 bpm
paracana 109 bpm
paraguayan indie
partido alto 104 bpm
perreo 115 bpm
peruvian indie 117 bpm
piada 130 bpm
piano mpb 116 bpm
pinoy reggae 107 bpm
plena uruguaya 122 bpm
plugg en espanol 116 bpm
polka nortena
pop argentino 120 bpm
pop catracho 124 bpm
pop chileno 124 bpm
pop costarricense 129 bpm
pop electronico 132 bpm
pop flamenco 123 bpm
pop paraguayo 101 bpm
pop peruano 122 bpm
pop reggaeton 116 bpm
pop romantico 117 bpm
pop venezolano 119 bpm
porro 117 bpm
portuguese indie 122 bpm
post-punk argentina 109 bpm
post-punk mexicano 135 bpm
psicodelia brasileira 108 bpm
psicodelia chilena 128 bpm
psicodelia mexicana 154 bpm
puerto rican indie 135 bpm
puglia indie 145 bpm
punk catala 103 bpm
punk colombiano
punk euskera 104 bpm
punk galego 137 bpm
punk melodico chileno
punk mexicano 179 bpm
punk urbano 147 bpm
r&b francais 122 bpm
raboday 123 bpm
ranchera 114 bpm
rap alagoano 78 bpm
rap antillais 116 bpm
rap baixada fluminense 124 bpm
rap boricua 117 bpm
rap canario 120 bpm
rap catala 114 bpm
rap chileno 109 bpm
rap conciencia 110 bpm
rap dominicano 121 bpm
rap ecuatoriano 90 bpm
rap espanol 116 bpm
rap euskera 156 bpm
rap feminino chileno 103 bpm
rap galego 95 bpm
rap latina 123 bpm
rap lyonnais 126 bpm
rap maromba 121 bpm
rap montrealais 132 bpm
rap nacional antigo 105 bpm
rap paraguayo 90 bpm
rap politico 109 bpm
rap regio 139 bpm
rap romantico 112 bpm
rap salvadoreno 177 bpm
rap tico 130 bpm
rap tunisien 123 bpm
rap uliczny 100 bpm
rap underground argentino 105 bpm
rap underground colombiano 112 bpm
rap underground espanol 114 bpm
rap underground mexicano 101 bpm
rap uruguayo 120 bpm
raspe 132 bpm
rave funk 133 bpm
reggae boliviano
reggae catala 115 bpm
reggae en espanol 123 bpm
reggae mexicano 143 bpm
reggae peruano
reggae tico 117 bpm
reggae uruguayo 115 bpm
reggaeton 123 bpm
reggaeton chileno 112 bpm
reggaeton colombiano 122 bpm
reggaeton cristiano 124 bpm
reggaeton flow 129 bpm
reggaeton mexicano 120 bpm
regional mexicano femenil 130 bpm
remix brasileiro 129 bpm
reparto 109 bpm
rio grande do sul indie
ritmo kombina 117 bpm
rkt 117 bpm
rock alagoano
rock alternativo espanol 138 bpm
rock andaluz 115 bpm
rock catala 133 bpm
rock catracho 138 bpm
rock chapin 122 bpm
rock cristiano 141 bpm
rock dominicano
rock en asturiano 113 bpm
rock en espanol 138 bpm
rock gaucho 132 bpm
rock tico 124 bpm
rock urbano mexicano 129 bpm
rock uruguayo 121 bpm
rockabilly en espanol 165 bpm
roda de samba 139 bpm
rondalla 100 bpm
rosario indie 122 bpm
rumba 114 bpm
rumba catalana 138 bpm
sad sierreno 120 bpm
salay 131 bpm
salsa 119 bpm
salsa choke 114 bpm
salsa colombiana 137 bpm
salsa cristiana 150 bpm
salsa cubana 108 bpm
salsa international 113 bpm
salsa peruana 127 bpm
salsa puertorriquena 150 bpm
salsa urbana 137 bpm
salsa venezolana 127 bpm
samba 111 bpm
samba de roda
samba gospel 99 bpm
samba moderno 127 bpm
samba paulista 146 bpm
samba reggae
samba-enredo 139 bpm
sambass 134 bpm
sebene 103 bpm
sega mauricien 120 bpm
seggae 103 bpm
sertanejo 123 bpm
sevilla indie 132 bpm
sevillanas 108 bpm
shoegaze chileno
sierreno 118 bpm
sinaloa indie 120 bpm
ska argentino 133 bpm
ska catala 140 bpm
ska chileno
ska espanol 130 bpm
ska mexicano 146 bpm
son cubano 107 bpm
son cubano clasico
son jarocho 121 bpm
sonora indie 135 bpm
spanish invasion 122 bpm
spanish new wave 134 bpm
spanish prog 102 bpm
spanish punk 141 bpm
spanish reggae 105 bpm
speed plug brasileiro 127 bpm
speed up brasileiro 120 bpm
street punk espanol
synthwave brasileiro 137 bpm
talentos brasileiros 118 bpm
tamaulipas indie 119 bpm
tamborazo 113 bpm
tango 119 bpm
tango cancion 93 bpm
techengue 122 bpm
tecnobanda 128 bpm
tejano 140 bpm
tex-mex 127 bpm
tierra caliente 131 bpm
tijuana indie
timba 114 bpm
tinku 114 bpm
trap argentino 119 bpm
trap boliviano 116 bpm
trap boricua 122 bpm
trap brasileiro 120 bpm
trap catala 132 bpm
trap chileno 124 bpm
trap colombiano 126 bpm
trap dominicano 118 bpm
trap funk 117 bpm
trap italiana 117 bpm
trap latino 125 bpm
trap mexicano 121 bpm
trap peruano 119 bpm
trap triste 117 bpm
trap venezolano 116 bpm
trinibad 108 bpm
trio cubano
trio huasteco 128 bpm
trombone brasileiro 150 bpm
tropical 121 bpm
tropical alternativo 121 bpm
tropical tecladista 117 bpm
tropicalia 104 bpm
trova 117 bpm
trova mexicana 115 bpm
tulum 149 bpm
tuna 137 bpm
tunantada 133 bpm
umbanda 114 bpm
urbano chileno 118 bpm
urbano ecuatoriano 115 bpm
urbano espanol 124 bpm
urbano latino 120 bpm
urbano mexicano 123 bpm
uruguayan indie 105 bpm
vallenato 135 bpm
vallenato moderno 123 bpm
velha guarda 105 bpm
venezuelan indie 126 bpm
veracruz indie
villancicos 107 bpm
vincy soca
vintage tango 124 bpm
viola caipira
violao 107 bpm
zouk 133 bpm
zouk riddim 152 bpm