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Song Tempo BPM & Key for "Nights" by Frank Ocean on Blonde

Frank Ocean is associated with the following genres lgbtq+ hip hop , neo soul Buy on Amazon (paid link)*
Album Cover
  • Key: F Minor Camelot: 4A

  • Song Tempo: 90 bpm

  • The main music genre of the song is Hip Hop / Explore songs, artists and statistics Hip Hop
  • The music subgenre Lgbtq+ Hip Hop / Explore songs, artists and statistics
  • Track No. 9 on the album. ISRC: QZ5C81600009 Track duration is : 5 minutes 7 seconds
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  • "Nights" has a song tempo of 90 BPM or half-time counting of 45 BPM and is written in the key of F. Danceability measures how suitable a song is for dancing based on various musical elements. This song has a moderate groove. It's got a beat that might make you tap your foot or bob your head. It could be a laid-back singalong or a light, head-nodding tune.
    Energy reflects the intensity and activity level of a song. Get ready to move! This song's got a strong beat and a tempo that'll lift your spirits. It's perfect for getting pumped up or letting loose. Think workout playlist, energetic singalongs, or building excitement.
    Liveness measures the likelihood that the song was performed live. The song has very low liveness. This track feels polished and produced in a studio setting. The instruments and vocals sound very clean and controlled. It might be a great song for focusing or relaxing.
    Speechiness quantifies the presence of spoken words in the song compared to musical content. The song has high speechiness. This track is practically a talk show! It features minimal to no singing and focuses almost entirely on spoken word elements. This could be a spoken word piece, an audiobook excerpt, or even a podcast episode set to music.
    Instrumentalness quantifies the amount of instrumental content in a song versus vocal content. This track is all about the vocals. Expect a strong focus on the singer and lyrics, with minimal instrumental accompaniment. Think a powerful ballad or a stripped-down acoustic performance.
  • Preview:
-9.36 db