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Song Tempo BPM & Key for Love Me Like You by Little Mix on Get Weird (Expanded Edition)

Little Mix is associated with the following genres girl group , pop , talent show , uk pop
Album Cover
  • Key: G Major Camelot: 9B

  • Song Tempo: 106 bpm with a difference from 12.34% from the average tempo of the genre.

    The difference between the Song Tempo and the average tempo (120 bpm) of the Subgenre is 12.34%. The higher the difference, it is more likely that the tempo might reflect the half or double time counting of the song. Songs in the tempo of 106 BPM
  • The main music genre of the song is Pop / Explore songs, artists and statistics Pop
  • The music subgenre Girl Group / Explore songs, artists and statistics
  • Track No. 2 on the album. ISRC: GBHMU1500047 Track duration is : 3 minutes 17 seconds
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  • Love Me Like You has a song tempo of 106 BPM or half-time counting of 53 BPM and is written in the key of G. Major
    Danceability measures how suitable a song is for dancing based on musical elements. This track has a high-energy feel with a fast tempo and a driving beat that encourages active listening and movement.
    Energy reflects the intensity and activity level of a song. This song has a high level of energy with a driving rhythm. It's perfect for creating an uplifting or motivating mood.
    Liveness measures the likelihood that the song was performed live. This track has a subtle live feel. The instruments might have minor imperfections or background noise suggesting a potential live recording.
    Speechiness quantifies the presence of spoken words in the song compared to musical content. This track includes some spoken word elements alongside singing. This could be rapping, narration, or vocals with a more conversational style.
    Valence represents the emotional positivity of the song. This track has a very high level of emotional positivity. It might evoke feelings of excitement, exhilaration, or pure joy.
  • Preview:
-4.985 db

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